Jesus Baby Jesus

Excellent! Superb! Fantastic! These are just some of the superlatives I can use to describe this recording. Everything is done very professionally and the mix is great, the singing is great, the lyrics are great. There's nothing more to say.

Lovely Christmas song....

Now this is what Christmas is all about. You have a beautiful voice. Also, the instrumentals were warm and just right for the subject matter. I enjoyed this number very much and would be interested in hearing more from this artist. Good Job!

Jesus Baby Jesus

Great Song ,like it very much, Do you write other songs, Do you write pop songs, do you write country songs, Do you write Blue grass songs, How many songs do you have on NIM. i will have to check your page, take care,


A strong introduction, an acoustic based driven track, the female vocal track is clear, a good and well supported vocal quality presented that is strongly backed by an ensemble of competent musicians. the lyrics are clear and understood. The first and second verses are descriptive and a given personal interpretation of the Bible's Christian perspective. Then an instrumental shift is to the relative major key, though well played, it seems to come in early and takes you out of the story line. It might have been better to have had a four bar refrain, returned to the song, and saved this for the outre. The last verse completes the story. Much potential here overall and good writing skills. The final mastering was well done. The sounds lay in the track complementing each other. I was seeking a chorus, though it wasn't necessary. The last verse had a problem with syntax, once again, not a large issue. The overall bottom was not present. This was mixed with strong mid decibels, but to be radio friendly the track must have a stronger bass and drum presence. Listen to America's acoustic tracks or The Beatles acoustic tracks, Paul Simon's acoustic work as well and you will hear a strong presence in the lower decibels of the mixes. The lyrics aren't strong and memorable like a pop c/w gospel track and the melody though beautiful doesn't have a noticeable hook. Once again, none of this is necessary. It is good and could be a track mixed into a Cd album presentation. This is very good and not every song by The Eagles was a hit. I must say with all respect..., well done; a personal Christian perspective put to music.

Review for Dana Jordan's song Jesus Baby Jesus.

I just love the whole song. Wonderful message in the lyrics and a great acoustic sounding production. Especially love the dobro backround. Perfect vocals for this song. This is not only a great Holiday song but a great overall Gospel song as well. Love it!



Gospel song

Hi Dana This is a pretty song sung with a lilting melodious voice and sung with feeling.Lyrics telling an old story and making it new again.The melody is well structed and has been written with a lot of thought. A great Christmas song...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au


Dana Jordom delivers a beautiful song about the birth of Jesus and the love of a a mother. It has a soft, warm sound that just fills your heart. I really enjoyed the mandolin solo. Just a beautiful song. Well done.

Baby Jesus, well it pleased

Unique style. Love the minor chords, you have a very clear and pleasant voice. I was wondering, did you write that? Do you ever do any country or bluegrass flavored songs? I love those genres and you have a voice that would shine as it does now I look forward to hearing more from you. God Bless You.

Jesus baby Jesus

Jesus baby Jesus. A very soft feel and amazing track. I love your voice too you praising the wonderful baby Jesus who has done wonders in our lives. Great music indeed. Thank you very much.

Great music

Really good ???? music ???? I really like the song well put together beautiful melody great voice this song I could listen to all year round well composed I love the guitar sounds really good very creative and we'll put together I grew up listening to all types of music thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world and St anytime I would love to hear any new music that u have stay creating music and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors Hood bless.

Jesus Baby Jesus

Hi there Dana. I like that haunting, hunting music for the intro. I like how your thought process developed in the lyrics. I also liked how the instruments were played, and how they have been arranged. Nice mix of vocals and music; the words are easy to understand. Nothing jumped out to me that would say "This doesn't belong here, or that doesn't belong there. " ;) Keep up the great work Dana. Blessings, Trev

Elegant and timely

A beautiful intro with acoustic arpeggio's and mandolin, the voice is solid and the lyric is right on the money. A timeless tale retold for the holiday season in a way that is accessible for all. The rhythm comes in on verse two which is a nice production touch. Clean production overall, nothing out of place. The instrumental break is kinda cool, there's a dynamic shift, though not a big one. Overall, great job, great tune for the holiday season, thank you and best wishes. :)

King of kings, Baby Jesus

This tune by Dana is not only a catchy song to listen to , it rings so true and something that world should hear, The musical start to the song sets it up for Dana’s tremendous delivery of a powerful message about the one that brings hope to the world, the break in the middle of tune is catchy and unique and Dana delivers the message of the pain that Christ went through in fulfilling his destiny of shedding his blood so that we might have the key to ever lasting like delivered by Jesus Baby Jesus that was born of a virgin lived and taught as a man ,died and in three days rose with the promise of everlasting life in John 3:16 . A great song story by Dana , enjoy this tune and follow up by studying the words of our father and Jesus in the Book.

Add This To Your Holiday Playlist!

This is my favorite kind of Christmas song--the kind that is all about the Nativity! The music definitely calls to mind Union Station (and that is a huge complement). Dana's voice is fuller and more soulful that Allison Krause, though. She never chews on a lyric, and uses the proper amount of emotion. It has a nice, easy groove, great for wrapping presents or sipping on some warm cider. This song should become part of anyone's holiday playlist. Nicely Done!
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