Dana Gaynor Band / A storm's a comin / The Devil in me

"The Devil in Me" by Dana Gaynor Band

Solid upbeat blues at the core, and some great solo work by both the organ player and guitar player. The lyrics are catchy and fun. This song could have been three times as long and with the handy work of the soloists, could have easily kept my attention. Plenty of soul to go around B-) Rock on

Hottest Band Ever!

The Dana Gaynor band is one of the hottest bands ever, it always be the hottest. Her guitar work was phenomenally hot, and she's kicking butt. All due respect to the Dana Gaynor Band! 5 Stars


Great sound. Very Allman brothers type sound. Great organ work, syncopated guitar . vocal harmonies are tight. This has practiced at vocal harmonies. Good job! lead guitarist has a good lead groove with a ripping tone. very well rehearsed band. Hope they tour to the West coast. I would pair this band with a jam band or vintage blues as well. Great job Guys!

here we go.

Good music, the intro was to long in my opinion. Really tight band. is it your band yours or studio? Personally I would like to hear more lyrics. They are very repetitive. I know you could do more with the lyrics. Dont give up on this song. there's more to it. Also, maybe lose the power of love line ( Huey Lewis). Overall good job

I guess its the devil in me !

A good song well written ! However i personal found the introduction to be a bit long and almost hit the stop button just as the singing started. I do like the lead guitar and general flow of the music overall. The trouble with long introductions is people have a very short attention span so you need to grab them early in the song

Skillful riffs and phrasing

This band has a very traditional blues sound and the phrasing on the organ and lead guitar demonstrate theor attention to detail in replicating bluesy rock and roll. Talented musicians and a quality recording make this a worthwhile jam to download and add to your collection.

Yeah Man!

Nice! This coaught my attention from the first note. This is a very nicely crafted song and a great groove. I like the cowbell too. As an organist, I loved the use of the tremolo B-3. A nice groove to it and great lyrics. What would serve the mix a little more is to bring up the bass, and fatten the kick drum a bit more, as well as pan and reverb the organ a bit more to increase it's ambience in the grove. I think this is what Huey Newton was going for but didn't quite catch.

More cowbell (not)

The cowbell brings the grove in strong on the left channel. It is a driving groove too. I like the interplay among the instruments ..particularly the organ. the rhythm guitar holds down the upbeat groove but I was kept waiting for more variation. Solid lead work on the solos. I was expecting a female voice in the alto range and was not sure what gender the singer is but that is not a bad thing I was just fooled by reading the complete band bio. I'm sure this is a must see live act to get the full effect of these talented musicians. B

Dana Gaynor Band

love the intro , and all the rest for that matter. I'm in with any Bass driven song . Great vocals and structure . The guitar is perfection . The song is seamless and the band tight and extremely good , Loved it from beginning to end . Two thumbs up for me

Devil in me

The Devil in me by Dana Gaynor band. I like this song, it has a very Dire Straits feel to it, good sounds and playing, the song doesn't jump out at you like a pop song, but i think it would be a great live track with the band cranking. production is good and all instruments can be heard in the mix, including the vocals which sit nicely on top. Love a bit of Hammond organ and this has plenty. All in all a good tune with nice presentation, look forward to hearing more from this band. Cowbell moves the track in the right directional groove


This song is OK but seems real simular to another song ,the words power of love , to close to that song from Hughy. Louis an the news it reminded me way to fast of that song from the 80s with a Allman bro intro.

The devil in me

Dana Gaynor Band brings us back to the mid-sixties and early seventies. A hard rock with a schematic base but mixed with a certain black rhythm as Steve Winwood and his group Trafic developed at that time. The Hammond organ corresponds perfectly to the sound of that time. The best guitar solo performed with very good taste following the guidelines of the typical solo of this type of song. The vocals are tuned and comply with the genre. For the lovers of the rock of that time find in this subject an excellent revival.

Devil in Dana

Good old fashioned rock... I Like organs sound a lot! This genre is something I like to listen and this has interesting elements and variety to get my attention. All instruments sound good and mix is done nicely. What could be more is backing/supporting vocals. They could make a lot more for this song. Structure is good and this has a rocky hooks, even if it remains quite same level all through the song. Basic true down to earth rock when produced this level is always worth listening!

the devil in me

hi there,your sound are great,i like the easy style how your instruments comming to the ear,beautiful voice,production great as well,solo guitar its a present to listen,great i wish you all the Best !!!!!!!

Like the song and the sound

I like this song and the production. Clear sound. Combination of guitars and Hammond is great. Reminds me of Steve Winwood and The Spencer Davis Group from GB in the sixties. I hope this will be a hit for you. Greetings Gerard from the Netherlands
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