Let Your Heart Be FREE!

I like the groove of this music, excellent harmonics, I love the instrumental blend. Your voice is anointed to sing these songs of joy and peace, singing all mankind into a better place of harmonious unity. I believe you have a great edifying impact on your listeners. The effect of your music and lyrics is uplifting and I am sure are inspired by communion with Heaven. Take the high road Brotherman and keep going back for more and bringing it back to us to us "Move On Up" to our Destination! Selah!

Irie Fresh New Vibes!

Glad to have stumbled across this track. Something nice and mellow for a chill day. It doesn't sound like a lot of the other songs out there right now. It's a nice inspirational song and definitely what a lot of people are feeling these days "let your heart be free...." Jah Bless!



nice vocals

Nice vocals, nice smooth beat. strong message i got pulled in by the title.catchy chorus. overall its a track i could relax to. the production is nice too there are a few words in a few spots in the verses that could be clearer as far as pronunciation but over all its a nice positive song nice one .

Let Your Heart be Free Review

Nice ballad lover's reggae style. What I like about this is the title and intention - message which fits well with the ambient relaxing key tone with a nice delay on it. It almost has a new age sound. Nice drum programming. Also I think the brass sound fits great. This track has a wide appeal to many audiences.

Vibes!! ;)

Amazing atmosphere and ambient vibes in this one!! ;) Great works.."Let your heart be free"!!.positive and well said..Big up!! Love the instrumentation as well i must say..wonderful sax and guitars!! ;) Bless up!! ;)

Let your be free

To most people it is hard to free their hearts, a song like this beautiful rethem, beautiful and vital messge for people to hear, it is trily a healing, love it, keep writing beautiful lerics and we will keep supporting, bless my brother


Greetings, Initially a tad congested, the melody unfolded into a pleasantly surprising tune. The compassion in the Artist leads one to envision the all time stewards of the craft. Without be too overly dicta, I would just add that you have created a tune here that, after the initial cacophony of sounds, it melts into a superfluous fantasy. Well done.

Tasteful Trip-Reggae

Unusual production for a song labeled as Reggae. I think more as trip-reggae, with some Drum 'n' Bass traces. Very interesting. You are hooked from the first seconds. And the introduction of uncommon instruments (or sounds ??) for that kind of songs makes it even more appreciable. Plus, in his voice, he has a lil' something that curiously reminds me of Elvis Costello. Nice work.

Unique Raggae Song

This Raggae Song grabbed me right from the start. Harmonically tunes inspired by modular syntheziser effects in the intro are brilliant and forcing the music constantly. Also the soft beat and bass-line in the chorus are very special but the whole composition is more various. The vocals from Jeromy Watson is impressive and brings additionally emotions into the song. The lyrics in short phrases unleashing the soul and touching the heart. This ambitious arrangement by using also some guitar chords and melodic riffs is full of unconventional sounds what brings a hypnotically feel into the music. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. All sounding really wonderfull. Overall a creative composition by using electronical instrumentation and effects. It´s a unique quintessence of Raggae and Hip-Hop. These recording can lead to emotions and feelings with sounds of melodies. Could listen to this song again and again. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

The General Da Jamaican Boy In His Own Style

When i For The First Time Hearth About Him I Was Under Impression Of His Original Style And The Raw Jamaican Language He Used In His Songs. Also The Amount Of Songs Are Many And Still Rising He Uses His Own Sounds Riddim And Mixing Witch Are So Alternative That He Is Very Outstanding And Recognizing As His Sounds. Here Is My Tribute To This Performer On My Station Roberdub Radio By Rob le Dub Or Robert Tromp Were I Put 7 Of His Songs On. When The General Da Jamaican Boy Is Growing In The Market Of Music Many Will Hold His Music For Excellent And In Tune With His Superb Performance Bless This Artist & Onelove.

Heart free

It nuh too bad give you a Nice little meditation I see were I could have it been played when I'm in a weird mood love the riddim too free heart free mind and a free soul sleep good wake up with a smile big up

Love And Peace

Your idea is uniquely different. This track is one of those that you have to listen to more than one time to get a feel for the spirit of the song. I hesitated and listened a few times before I could do this review. The music is more relaxed and laid back and your vocals are doing the same thing in this song. I believe you have a good foundation from where you could pull off a really great track with some re-arrangement of the song. As you know we talk about riding the rhythm, I feel you were more chasing the rhythm than really riding it. I hope this will help in some small way. But your message is heard and I like it. Keep working brother!

Cool very cool

It’s been a long time I didn’t hear a reggae song like this very unique voice and the sound so new It does make my heart free in this world of nonsense,I will definitely share on my facebook thank you for your music Anton


Positive feedback.. Jamaican Boy! Leat your heart be free! Love the concept, definitely in the right direction, I do however believe with the right mixing and mastering, this song could be a hit.. jus saying
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