Da Grimm One / Songs / 4 Horsemen ft Sirus, Paul Legend & Last Measure (Prod By Da Grimm One)

The apocalypse is here

Powerful beat with interesting undertones wrap around the rappers to enhance the story they are telling. The unique voices all blend and pull off their parts flawlessly. Some tones are a little better than the others but they are all close in quality and delivery, good. Above average rap with above average mix and an easy to hear message make this a solid tune that needs little if any work at all.


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

original recipe

This sounds like the original format what hip hop was built upon...lyrics ..that's a breath of fresh air to what the rest is doing...more rappers need to go back to the beginning ....this is similar to wutang ....great for the ears and the hip hop soul


hey awesome song keep pushing keep pressing bro keep being inspired by things u see God going to bless u with many blessing dont allow anything to distract u keep pushing u will grow.i

4 horsemen

This shit is kool it reminds me an old school hip hop song mix with a lil bit of reggae this beat is fire as well sounds like something I could just sit back and relax to this while smoking a nice spliff

Great idea dead in the water because of the F Bomb

Old school feel to the rapping style. I enjoy the groove and loved the intro. Where they lose me is when they start cursing non stop. It's not necessary and the audience becomes limited. My kids like the groove but, I can't play it for them because the F Bomb is being dropped way too many times. I understand the need for artistic freedom but as I have told many an upcoming artist both in Rock and in Rap, if you can get your message across without cursing and turning off a bunch of would be listeners, your message becomes all the more powerful. It's too bad in this case, because Da Grimm One has a great idea based on topics from the Book of Revelations. Many people interested in Religion would be prone to check it out but, many of them, will write you off as soon as you start cursing. In my opinion you lose credibility to get your message across without resorting to the gutter of the English language. You also lose potential sales. Please don't take this as a rank. I think you are talented. This is just what I would say to you to broaden your audience if that is what you are after as an artist. Think about it.


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It's different Got new school old school feel

It's different Got new school old school feel...I would push this in a venue or club that plays this sound on a pack night. This should give you the response and exposure you need to make noise in your region

It was good

I think your vocals need to Be a little more clear but over all I loved the flow and loved the track I love the message you guys are bringing I love the horrorcore old school hip hop vibe good shit

My Review

Here's my Review of your music. First of all, I'd like to let ya know that I Really REALLY RESPECT the fact that you're striving for such a difficult dream. This music business is so competitive, cut throat, and over saturated that most people don't have the guts and the patients that it takes to really try to ACHIEVE A DREAM. Secondly after listening to your music, I can't see any reason whatsoever why you couldn't make it, as long as you stay focussed and keep pushing yourself. I'm happy that I chose to review your music today. keep up the good work!!!!!

I like it

Nice flow and very marketable and I really like the beat it a little bit of new school a great music style for the future. Hope the world will feel the song lie me. Peace. Cooley Bop

Get busy

Do your thing  Doing your thing Do your thing I c u keep it up the struggle is real check out my stuff maybe we can work someday Send me some more your stuff if possible I would like to hear a little more but keep grinding don't stop it will pay off oneday

I liked this joint!!!!!

I think the multiple Mc's workd on this one. I think this is good money. I will be staying tuned for sure..Peace Horesmen........THE RAW PRODUCT I think the multiple Mc's workd on this one. I think this is good money. I will be staying tuned for sure..Peace Horesmen........THE RAW PRODUCT I think the multiple Mc's workd on this one. I think this is good money. I will be staying tuned for sure..Peace Horesmen........THE RAW PRODUCT

I feel

Track is nice I can feel the message and where you are getting to I feel the beat can be more dramatic and lifting but overall it stands out own style and deliverance is on point keep doing what u do

Not sure how i felt

I will say this you can spit and you are a lyricist and your flow is very very very put together in a way that makes it seem to weave in and out the beat. However I don't think the style will go over well now a days. It was not bad and it was not good. I am not sure how to think about it. I am not hating I am only giving my honest feedback
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