Mike Harty / Mike Harty Solo- 1992 / Detective Surfer Tracy

Good score for a spy short!!!!

Full disclosure: I am a fan of Mike Harty. Not because I am a friend or acquaintance, but because he produces good music. This is the second song I review for him, Wow! Just hit with the blues slow down ending! We'll get back to that later! Anyway, like the other song I reviewed of his, it is an instrumental. Not everyone goes for instrumentals but, most songwriters like myself enjoy them because we don't have to focus on the lyrics and can listen to and appreciate the musicianship involved in the creation of the piece. It's art for our ears and once again, Mike does not disappoint. The recording is simple enough probably done at a home studio but very well mixed. The engineer knows what he is doing because there is a nice even palate through out. Now granted, it sounds like the composer was influenced by the Mission Impossible and James Bond themes but, that is okay. Composers are like poor thieves who take a little from here and a little from there and throw in their own magic to make it unique and special. Mike has done that here. What is definitely apparent throughout the songs Mike Harty posts here is the musicianship and talent behind each piece. This is the stuff that creators crave!!! Musicians with actual talent! This track is enjoyable not only because of the cool groove and the surprise kick ass ending but, because there isn't a hiccup in there at all. One critique I can add is that I didn't like the high end of the synth at the beginning. It was a bit too much Axel Foley for my taste but, as the song went on, I lost site of it and it would not alter my overall perception of the song. That is just a personal taste of mine and I was trying hard to find one negative to say. Hard to do with such talent though. Thanks again Mike for making this fun to listen to and review. Keep them coming!!!

Instumental Electrique

Bonjour Mike Harty, Suite à votre "request for review"... Mon Commentaire: Instumental Electrique ! Bravo pour vos Musiques....... Carine Dito (Parolière/Lyricist) Ma page Facebook: ............../carine.dito Like & Share on Facebook

Surfin' Rockabilly that delivers

Today we will be looking at Mike Harty's "Detective Surfer Tracy". This is a crazy cross between Joe Satriani's "Surfin' With the Alien" era instrumental guitar and The Northern Pikes "The Things I do For Money". Of course that is just my opinion but the bass line and the way it sounded really reminded me of the Pike's amazing track. The guitars could be further subdivided into some Stray Cats era rockabilly and the aforementioned Joe Satriani. Musically this track is killer, it seamlessly incorporates the eclectic genres together into a cohesive and very enjoyable musical experience. Mike has always had a propensity to know when to be melodic and when to let loose and shred. He sagely chooses to be more melodic on this track, the guitar talks to the listeners, it asks questions, it paints vistas taking you into Mike vision of Dick Tracy surfin'...Production wise the track could use a little more spit and polish but I'll extend a caveat to Mike as I know he is just learning the ropes with respect to the recording process. Having said that, my previous statement should not be construed as disparaging towards the track in its entirety, you can clearly hear all the instruments, the sound quality is good, the guitar tone is perfect but it lacks a little "punch" and some "shine" in the final mix. Given some more time and experimentation I'm sure Mike will have these little technical issues sorted out. My overall impression of the track was that it was fun and decidedly different. Great musicianship and solid song writing. I get the immediate sense that Mike is just warming up and his best material will soon be forthcoming and I for one, am looking forward to it because it is pretty rare that you get musicians that exhibit both vision and can deliver the goods technically and musically. This is a great song by an artist who takes chances and plays with his heart on his sleeve, all things that I can get behind. Nice work Mike, you nailed it...Christopher Carrion XXX

Jp review

Yea I see what you mean. It has the flavor of Peter Gun. Vey cool guitar work and sound effects. I wish the recording was better quality but all in all a very cool track. Oh yea and I loved the talk box


The production on this feels a little weird. I need to go to full volume to hear much, yet it feels like a track that is meant to be played loud. The layering is good and the music has a good build. It reminds me a little of a James Bond or Mission Impossible soundtrack.

Where's My Surfboard?

Here it is, a modern surf music instrumental! Time to wax the board and catch a big wave! The guitar work is the star of this recording with funky distortion over a faux siren track. The drum track is pretty dry by comparison and maybe even a little tame, but there's nothing bad about it. The bass is also solid, but pretty tame, too. While I may sound negative, I really think this is a decent recording which could fit as a bed for commercials or tv...maybe for Coca Cola? Best of luck with placing it somewhere good!

80's style TV theme song

Mike Harty brings us Detective Surfer Tracy, a 80's style television theme song. It has the classic sound and from the appearance on the meters and the extreme phased high end I would say this is a 3/4" tape to digital is if put through an aural expander and roll off the high end and then put it through a mastering process to bring out the depth of the song better. I have no idea why the change at the end is there but it was unusual to say the least.


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