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Thanks for your courageous attitude

Some people don't have the same ability as others to deliver the great music that attracts the masses online and offline a excellent role model for those young men and women interested in pursuing a simulated career in music as you and hopefully will go on to prosper as the top entertainment members in society and teachers of a whole new generation of artists that are coming up behind them thanks for the great music


Excellent vocal. Reminds me of Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye tracks. Good stuff Yhis song should be be high in the charts globally. Come on Mr zRichabrd Branson. Give this crew a deall. . smooth lyrics lift you up to the sky.

Great song

This song is a beautiful piece of music. I like the groove of the song too. I don't like the religious part of this song, but I see what this is all about. Great lyrics and melody. Not the best I ever heard, but good enough for 5 stars.

Nice "Music~Vision"

Good song. Nice mix on the vocals. The lyrics are on point. The music gets your attention from the beginning of the song. I would like to hear a mass choir for your back ground vocals. I think that would really set this song off. The female on this song also has a beautiful voice. "KeepTheVision" ~MVP~

Beautiful Love Song featuring Cris_Gaye Batson

I absolutely love the lyrics of this song, and Cris' clear and angelic vocals on this track add a truly unique touch to TommyCCT & Steff's composition. She is very gifted. I appreciate how the song touches on marriage, love, and worship of God. I'm looking forward wait to hear more from this artist. For those who are planning on getting married or renewing your vows, I definitely recommend this song for your special day.

This is not A Dream Fel D review

Well TommyCCT & Steff the concept is cool. It sound as though the two of you were in separate places when this was recorded. It is about GOD and that is a topic that I can get with, so that is what make it even cooler, because you collaborated on the subject of HIM. I like the lady vocals and the guy was able to carry some high notes (which I know I can not even attempt) and it take a true singer to critique with the right ears. Overall I liked the song and the singers, but as soon as I was about to hear y'all get down, it cut off. I was like, I need some more of this song. ~Fel D.~

nice song

nice song i play on a segment of my show it got a decent response some good some bad i would say 6 out 10 like it two say it cool but not their genre which not bad and two dislikes but can't please them all but it a nice track

Salvation through this song is possible

Have listened to this song a couple of times. Grabed me right from the start. A love ballad with religious feeling. It´s definitely a wonderfull recorded song with a important message. A great mixture of R&B with a soft latin mood. TommyCCT beginns with his unique vocals but the whole composition is more various. The voice of C.G. Batson accompains the song emotionally with a great blues projection. This extra factor brings realy emotion into the song. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. A refrain with a dream of salvation making the meaning of the song engaging for me. The light up-tempo is forcing the music constantly on a higher level. There are brilliant accentuated saxophone parts bringing increasing feeling into the music. Harmonically melodies inspired by synthesizer sounds are fantastic arranged and creating a nice space in the backround. A really impressive arrangement from very ambitionated producer. This composition is more creative than others. Symphonical mixed very professional mastered. When I listened to this song it´s like a sensation of music perceived in the soul. I´m sure you will also enjoy what you hear and likely to add. Let everybody know your recommendation.


indeed a very nice song queen very nice n smooth mos def we need to collab on a hit I'm really feeling this 1 whenever u free check out my page etc mos def keep up the great work don't stop ya digg salute much love and respect oh and do u have a video to this song if not you should do one God Bless You

Not a Dream

I was immediately drawn in because of the short intro. You got right into the song quickly not making the listener to wait too long to hear the wonderful music that accompanies this piece. I am a little concerned that the male vocals in this song are a bit loud and over whelming to the groove. The females vocalist is good, however not blending with her partner in the mix. A remix to blend all the fantastic things going on in this piece would make it a sure hit.

Ballade sympathique

Morceaux pas mal, mais ça manque un peu de "patate " quand même . La mélodie reste néanmoins dans la tête . Et le travail des voix est cool ????.Mais PourQuoi avoir stoppé le track avant la fin ? Dommage. Je suis curieux de les écouter sur un autre titre !


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real


This is not a Dream is certainly a most positive copmposition for those who still believe in the sanctity of marriage . I for one certainly can appreciate the significance of having that special one with you through the good and bad . Much applause for a wonderful job musically and vocally .Forsaking all others is not just words in the air have certainly brought it to life on this track best wishes to you ..awesome job


Great song I love your sound is so good and hope you do more music because you have a real talent, never stop chasing your dreams and I know chasing your own dream's is not easy but I have a feeling if you believe on your self you gonna reach your dreams so keep working and keep up the good work , great things are on the way. I real love this song please don't stop doing music no matter what is going on. Hope

This Is not A Dream -TommyCCT & Steff

A great production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to shake the head. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page. I think is on the right way, and in terms of the vocals are really well done and I have to congratulate you on it. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB
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