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Always Love Texas

Love ‘this song by Cris_Gaye Bateson. Great country feal while sending the needed message. I have enjoyed this song over and over and feal refreshed each time I hear it. You’ll love it too

Hello from Jerzy...

Sound like a Country Song...well I be happy to gave You the best review.. but same time I have to tell You truth.. so .. First of all.. it end right on the middle,,,the vocal part should be much better...with a lot of work on rerecording...with better singer...the song will sound much better,, as it is it will not be played on AM / FM Radio.. and perform it Life on concerts will be a little risky.. Try to make it better.. Good Luck...

Nice Song

Vocals are strong but the adlibs overlapped a few times with the lead, production is strong, Lyrics are a bit hard to comprehend don't know what the main focal point is. Overall though not bad.

Texas Country

"Always Love Texas" is a good little country song. One thing that makes the song unique is that it's a country song sung by Jamaicans, and they do a great job of it! The session players hit the nail right on the head with their country pickin, and the vocals are deep and rich, with good backup harmony. I believe that this song will get the attention of country fans!

Love a bit of country

I love a bit of country and this is a nice little number. The vocals could do with a livening up a little but then so could mine! I like the guitars as well, they have a feel like from the Black Crowes Before the Frost album. Obviously I come from a different spectrum of music which may not spout Christianity but I have never minded a bit of gospel as it always has a nice warm/happy feeling. Anyways, like it and will listen to it again sometime. Well done.

Great Song

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Interesting to say the least..jamatexcountry.....outstanding

Again..interesting..a bit laid back....somewhat common..but at the same time uncommon...and at the end the west texas town of elpaso..i fell in love with a....cardinal sin..for me anywayi never put someone elses line in my song

Great Country sound

The musicianship is fabulous on this- a great country sound. Vocals are good also. Mix is just right. The lyrics are strong actually so much so that I wasn't sure if this was an original or a copy of another artist. The vocal accent makes it very interesting and catchy.

Texas through and through

Cris does a great job of portraying the Texas country sound. The band and recording are clear and convey the the artist sound and writing abilities. If your into the Texas country sound definitely give "Always love Texas" a spin.


I listened to this song and I really tried to relate and understand the message trying to be relayed. I know it mentions how much you love Texas but how does it relate to God. I was lost during the song and the arrangement needed to be better


Hello cris just passing through an stop by your page an was listening to your music you have a great sounds an a powerful message thank you for sharing with the world and keep up the great work God bless.


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

bless always love

loovely contemporar music. i like the way how you have taken it all the way back to the 70s and the organ. carry on doing you. its your time to proclaim the goodness of Jesus and all that he has done for you. Bless you

Great country ballad with soft harmonies

This graceful song of C.G. Batson about Texas grabbed me from the start. The virtuos played acoustic guitar carries this wonderful composition. He sings with a wonderful voice and has a unique sopran vocal projection. The refrain comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. The lyrics tells us about his deep beleave in god and that he felt in love with an mexican girl. I like the perfect played piano comming at the right time. There is also a soft musical instrument sounding like a Hawaiian guitar underlay the nice melody softly in the back. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and the songwriter has a god given talent. This is definitely a very professional arrangement. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a country music fan looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for great music. This one must be a radio hit and it´s original. Listen to the song and I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


When I listen to this song, it creates an atmosphere like being in an old bar. I like the slow and melodic instrumental arrangement. Even though the instrumental arrangement sounds good, the lyrical content is a bit confusing. At first, he sings about the love of Jesus and then he sings about falling in love with a Mexican girl. I'm not sure if the writer wanted to demonstrate how this song can be sang as both an county/gospel, or a romantic song, or if they just wanted to sing what sounded good to them. I do agree with a previous reviewer that the song would probably sound a bit better if the key was transposed a few half notes higher to show the vocalist has higher range. Other than that awesome job.
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