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Adoration is Nice...

Nice Spacing in the musical synth programming and selection. A wonderful job taking your time and not rushing the vocals. The song continued to build anticipation while allowing the progression up to the introduction of the drum beats. It was good to hear the energy that accompanied the direction wants the beat started. Also, there was some fine attention to detail when it came to the mix of your production. I enjoyed the strength behind the vocals as you continued to give it your all. Keep up the great work, and I look for to listening to your other selections. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this message.

I adore you review

I have heard your song I adore you I think the music in the back ground could be stronger as it could do with a remix I like your voice and think your talented please send me a a capella. Cheers.

best of Luck here...

Best of Luck here... This track is very fun to listen to and has very cool vibe. Not to be negative, just sharing; I know it's a dance mix song, bt ... pitch should be addressed up front ... This could be the difference in a good song and a great song. Enjoyed the listen ! Very best of Luck here...Thx for sharing your Music and art-form :-)

Extraordinary song and style

The unusual introduction begins with gentle modulated sounds and soulful vocals. Versatile ambitional effects creating additionaly a great space in the backround. Electronical bass underlaid with soft up-tempo beat characterises this smooth arrangement. Marianne Vedder brings with her unique voice a distinctive feeling into the song. The romantic passion of the lyrics comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. I like the psychedelic sound of the music. Well mixed and mastered in appropriation of different music styles. Unconventional sounds and effects bringing a hypnotically feel into the music. Well done digital mixing and mastering. Overall a creative production and unique quintessence of Emo and Pop. Cool track though and there´s obviously more where that come from.

Nice groove. Needs better mixing.

The intro is a bit long but I liked the groove of the song when it starts. The vocals are good but sounds a bit out of the mix and dissonant at some parts. This might be intentional of course. I think it is a good song but needs better mixing perspective. Keep up the good work man. Cheers!
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