Cozmicsoulfire / So Gorgeous / This is Life (final cd version)

Good song

Rather relentless driving acoustic riff on this song that provide an interesting backdrop to the song. Percussion sounds on this track were unusual and because of that added a great timbre to the overall rhythm of this song. The vocals were clear and powerful and delivered with emotion but in some places seemed a little hurried, though that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the tune. This girl has a great voice and this is a great song, Cozmicsoulfire did great with this acoustical offering....great.

Well Written

I really like the song I really appreciate you for sharing your craft with the world a very unique and creative song I like your style and your voice is unique I would love to hear more of your music keep on making great music and never stop creating well composed and well put together hope my comments been helpful for you have a great weekend and God bless you in all that you do.

This is life

Cozmic soulfire remind me of Blondie in parts of this energy track. The baseline keeps you grooving and the energy is uplifting. Nice acoustic sound mixed in with a dance feel behind it. The husky voice cuts through and forces you to listen to the lyrics and the electric guitar sits nice in the mix. The overall feel is festival music uplifting and the feedback at the end suits well. It was nice to listen to this track and review this track. Good on cozmicsoulfire.... keep being cozmic

Review - This Is Life

I was initially puzzled by this track as on first listen I thought it was ... well, an uncoordinated mess. However, after a couple of listens, I soon realised that this track has an excellent vocal and that there is indeed an order or more specifically, multiple layers to the song. A surprisingly memorable experience and it left me wanting more which is what makes good music great.

Cozmic dreamscape

Cozmic Soulfire is definitely on fire in this phabulous phantasmagorical dreamscape of a song. While the drum samplings and death rattling are a bit muddy, the soul shines through in this heartfelt ballad. There is a pure expression of joy here that makes music the soul-uplifting force it is, and this is effusively communicated in 'This is Life.' Keep up the production and energy.

Buena honda!!!

Buenos días Cozmicsoulfire, he entrado por casualidad en tu perfil y he podido escuchar tu canción Esta es la cida, y quería decirte que me gusta tu voz, es fresca y directa... felicidades y mucha suerte con tu proyecto!!!

Unique Take

A very unique voice and way to try to balance the acoustic aspect of the guitar and voice with more electronic types of sounds. A very good voice. Interesting, the choice of how this composure works together. Not sure if a producer was used, but maybe that could be a benefit to further enhance the experience.


Con un comienzo trepidante de guitarras al viento, This is Life hace que prestes la atención desde el segundo uno. Lleva un ritmo muy constante, como si tratase de un solo estribillo, sin estrofas, a cielo abierto. Los arreglos de guitarras son muy elegantes, y cabe destacar también como casi en su recta final las eléctricas muestran su presencia con un sonido más potente y energético. Evidentemente la voz es la principal protagonista con mucha fuerza va volando por la melodía como si de un sonido libre fuese.

Congratulations for All

Congratulations, what I heard, is really a great artist and a great song. Best artist, good lyrics, good music, excellent arrangements and sounds, excellent performance and performance. Everything is ok for me and I really appreciate everything that has been done! So I think there are all the ingredients and the requirements to have and do a good and long career. Noteworthy to be voted with 5 stars! Hoping that this song can get the success it deserves, I will give you my best compliments and sincere wishes! ????

Cozmicsoulfire- This Is Life- Reviewed by Eja Slade.

This is wonderful, acoustic guitar with a chorus pedal, if I'm not mistaken, with layers of vocals and keyboards, and a cool chord progression. And to think that the young lady recorded it all herself, it is quite an accomplishment, to say the least. Is that keyboard a 'moog', by any chance? It's so atmospheric, and leaves this reviewer wanting to hear more. And the vocals are peerless, and unique. Nice electric guitar too, and percussion . This is honest, and is 'the real deal'. And I know how difficult it is to do all the recording one's self, so once again, well done, keep on rockin'!


this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre maybe the voice is too low. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

"This is Life" by Cozmicsoulfire

Upon my very first listen to the fabulous "This is Life" by Cozmicsoulfire, I found myself immediately reminded of some of the exceptional bands from the 1970's and 80's. Not to imply that Cozmicsoulfire's music is entirely derivative, in fact - the songcraft and performances are long on originality - the production and arrangement is also worthy of note. Looking forward to hearing more from Cozmicsoulfire!

This is Life

love this song - it is not your regular commercial crap song made from record company's - it's a raw original song that deserves to be talked about - I wish you the best - keep putting out songs like this - awesome song!


I Like a Lot Your voice..a song a little less but all production gave me a good happy feeling and energy..In my head I see You on The Stage with a lot of just my opinion that You should send it to Radio Stations to be played it is right on the middle for Young and old to listen and this is great to bring every one together..I like to hear what the people from Music Industry will say I do hope They will agree with Me...good job.. and I wish You all the best..


really cool song (start as a pop song than unexpectatly change in something....really interesting. percussions comes and go, the lirycs sometimes change from the obvious rithmical scheme (tipical of all songs) and became longer and unceasing...maybe fade away a little bit too fast (considered how much time it takes to grow) but I really love this song, the structure, the sounds...the ...unexpected!
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