dont need me

dont need me smooth good vibe i can ride to ths loving it nice flow with it chuckk you have you a nice club banger keep bring tha real felling to the world my man salute HD Keep me vibe out do dat


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real


Aye bro, keep working, love how this is sounding, great verses, the lyrical ability is definitely there as well as the instrumentation. Deep meaning with nice sound organization and execution on the concept in general. Great work!

nice !!!!

love the beat the flow and the lyrics aight this is radio and industry ready hope you get your chance to show the world your talent as you have issh locked down no lie maybe needed a bridge or something to sweeten it u a bit but overall it's ready #dakrazyway


Great song never give up I got the feeling that something good is coming I know being a artist is not easy but I recommend you to stay on music and do what god gave you cos music is gift from God so be your self and keep doing your thing one day you gonna became a greatest artist ever!!!!!! So many people are waiting for your good music and I also want to see you on my TV screen and billboard so do me a favour don't stop doing your music and god bless you and bless your music Hope

Seriously don't like auto tune

This is my honest opinion of your song.. Right off the top when the production starts it has some nice dark synths and I'm ready to get excited.. The primary genre listed for the song Is alternative so I'm Anticipating something really unique to kick in.. Then some played out auto tune spoils everything. The Rap flow was really good and had alot of potential for a far better song to be displayed here.. but your true vocal tone is overpowered by that terrible effect. The overall lyrics are not alternative either and way too common. Man I got all excited and quickly let down with this one.. The overall mix for what you are going for is good and people who like this style will be interested in this song I guess but it's just not my thing. Great job on the beat Jay.

Good track

Well written and the best slaps. Play with the tempo a little speed it up and slow it down. I see slowed down a little bit and little less auto tune. So your voice would stand out more. You have a nice voice. Let shine. I see the greatneess my g. Follow @bluechezee on twitter


I really like the mixing on this song as well as the effects. This song is definitely more on the trendier side of music, which I really respect. Keep doing your thing bruh, because as far as I'm concerned you got heat!

Very good track!

Your style is bangin' and your greatest asset! The track is appealing assertive and true to form. It features a good collection of raps layered with some cool auto-tune effects, showcasing all your skills verse by verse over a dope Hip-Hop track with a great mix. The delivery on the hook is also impressive, in which you showcase your rich tones and raw sound signature to the effortless cool of musicians being one with their craft. Were you not so cool about it, it might be obvious that you are attempting to up-end Hip Hop! You are doing all the right things and creating some cool songs along with good lyrical content. Keep that up and somebody’s going to notice.


Different from the average Blahzae Blahzae Blahzae, knawmean however I like it because it's 2min. A lot of shit that is wack predominantly is weak because of the slow intro, and the length of their songs. 2 minutes and some change is key. Keep it GULLY knawmean. I was just number 1 for Los Angeles HipHop now I'm number 11. It be like that sometimes. MUSIC is universal thanks to n1m


Salve a tutti, mi trovo su Marte e vado a spasso per il pianeta desolato e senza prato, dove mai sarà finito il mio compagno che prima era con me? Non lo so ma non penso sia stato rapito da alieni sconosciuti, la musica era breve e mi risveglio da un magico sogno dove ero proiettato verso il futuro senza distinzioni di razze ma non privi di un razzo che porta a spasso in questo grande universo... bis bis bis

Banging track

This song is really banging I love everything about the very unique and creative song your style is very unique and you stand out in your own lane keep on going to the next level and never stop creating and at anytime I would like to hear more of your great music you are very clever in your writing which is a great idea and thank you for sharing your awesome gift with me and the world keep it grinding and shining have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all that you go to do Peace.


Keep doing ya thang, you have a good sound and quality, hard work pays off so I'm sure if you keep grinding you will find your spot in the music industry, networking is the key, keep God first.

Teach me could've been the title

Offset beat with belll gives intro to song as chorus gives you premise behind this track. Swag rapping to let you what Chukk has to offer. Hook gives enough descrition to keep you intetested in listening to song.

Girl, you'll like the song!

At this point I will start with a conclusion. Not all listeners likes electronical based music, but I think this compostion could change this habit. This ambitious arrangement by using modular syntheziser effects and tunes is a composition full of unconventional sounds what brings a hypnotically feel into the music. In addition the unique vocals of Chuckk, who tells a story with smart conclusions from the heart. A sudden burst of emotion in the refrain changes the rythm and brings really power into the song. A very cool mixture of Hip-Hop and Rap with a light up-tempo groove. The beat of the drum-machine are brilliant and forcing the music constantly, especially in the very impressive refrain, which is making the meaning of the song engaging for me. This music is more creative than some others. Very cool mixing and overall professional mastered by Jay Urtando. When I listened to this song for the first time, I heard a sensation of music perceived in the heart and soul. I´m sure, you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.
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