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Awesome... My kind of stuff

Very good writing and vocals. Very impressed. catchy, upbeat and commercial. I love your writing style. Your back to country approach is refreshing. Nice to keep country alive. It's very cute and I would love to hear more of your stuff. Bet you have some cool music. I am a writer and singer and I know a real artist when I hear one. You are one.....


A country song with a jazz vibe to it. It’s like mixing Frank Sinatra with Dolly Parton. I actually like it, really like it. And what a way to present your lady accompanied by a beautiful song. Such thoughtful lyrics with amazing backing. It’s like you’re in serenading her. What an amazing song! Keep on rocking!

Ritmo y Originalidad.

Con sabor al mejor Country pero con esa alegría que a veces se hecha en falta en la melancolía de ese estilo. La canción inunda una energía que te lleva a mover cada poro e tu piel y seguir su ritmo pegadizo. Cada arreglo supone una mejora sobre la melodía original, muy bien cuidados y originales. La voz es perfecta, ns conduce por senderos de calidad y buenas tonalidades. Tres minutos que se hacen cortos, y eso es muy buen logro.

That's my girl review

Nostalgia and a refreshing atmosphere are good. i thought that i enjoyed most of all and was facing music. it is a good song that i thought as a vocalist and a professional work for a guitar chorus thank you


That's my Girl is a very country piece, very sixties, very "grease" I refer to the film as you could understand. from the beginning the music flows slowly, like a river that is approaching the mouth, it gives you serenity, joy and ignites you an irreferent desire to move, to dance. I was dragged by the notes in a fairy world, with elves, fairies, dancers and lots of happiness. thank you for making such music

Review of that’s my girl

Nice instrumental start with Vocals blending in this story song, bass and drums carry the beat into a very beautiful tune. Vocals are nicely done and Mr.Howard cones a really good cover on this little tune. I recommend this tune and you should take time to give a listen. Over balance of the song is very good throughout entire song,

Good Song

The first few lines and the vocal harmony made me immediately think of the Everly Brothers. A few more lines in and I wondered why, there is possibly an Everly influence here but there is so much more. The guitar is not just country, it is heavily jazz influenced. This song just flows. You owe it to yourself to listen. I'm glad I did.

Nice Retro

This is a well written and produced retro song, which would perfectly fit into the 50th/60th era. Good work! For me it could have some more fresh or surprising elements, the way it is, is just what you have heard many times before and I couldn't say if it's a cover or not. Same with the lyric, it is okay, but it is very common, not many fresh ideas.

That's My Girl

Absolutely love the 50's and 60's. Great love song of that era, the way songs should be. :) I like the progression of thought in this song. Nice voice, harmonies, and great quality music. Keep it coming Chuck.


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep working

Great Job

Such a fun proud of my girl song. Beautiful voice. Background music is in balance. The song suits your voice. You sing it with ease. What a nice number. I would love to listen to more of your music.

That's My Girl

This song is a classic and should find many an accolades in this Retro Country Pop music genre. It reminds me of that song "This Magic Moment" by The Drifters. Excellent sound track with great acoustic guitar and bass, I loved the percussion. Don't change a thing! S smooth and super nostalgic of the 60's. Excellent backup singers with just the right touch on the fade out ending. You got to get this song some airplay! It would go straight to the top of the charts! Chuck you have The Voice of this era, perfect for these songs.

Great song!

This song of yours is really great. I feel happy when I listen to it. The song seems to be inspired from the sixties and I really love the sound. The lyrics are also great, no strange things just pure happiness. Great!

Old Style Bee Bop

Soon as it started, Ricky Nelson and, those late 50's, early 60's radio bops came to mind which, a decade later, became the trendy British rock-bop fad music many groups like the Beatles, Stones and, a lot of others at the time spun into trendy radio music... The drum track seems a little off to me and, vocals aren't as strong as they probably could be in this recording but, otherwise, it's a nice little toe tapper... It'd be nice to hear a studio produced version of it but, overall a nice job...

50's style!

This tune reminds me of tons of 50's rock n' roll songs and would fit right in on the jukeboxes of that time. The chorus hits the title three times and helps drill it in. I might have cut the second verse in half to get to the chorus quicker. You know what they say,"Don't bore us, get to the chorus!" The solo sounds like a fender strat and goes a little long. I would have avoided the third verse and done a two line bridge but that's ok. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)
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