Christa Cossey / Songs / God Gave Us Jesus by Christa Cossey (Music by John Wickman)

love the guitar!

The guitar music is beautifully played. I would like to hear a bit more strength or excitement in the vocalist. I like the lyrics very much. One thing, and this is just a personal desire of mine in a song--I would prefer that the 1st musical interlude be shortened as it seems a bit long. I would also like to hear a different treatment of the 'tag" line rather than the modulation (not sure of this word) done on one of the words in the tag. Keep on singing girl, you have a good voice!

Busy background music

Hey Christa, I've reviewed other songs for you in the past. Again, the music overpowers your lyrics. Musicians should learn to fall out in the verses and let the words be heard. It's as though they are battling over leads and the guitarist is constantly noodling around while you're singing....not good. It totally distracts you from even attempting to listen to the lyrics, which should be everyone's primary focus. Have your team work on their presentation and you should work on doing more than just opening your mouth. Sing with feeling... when performers are in front of a crowd, it's easy to sell the emotion through your facial expressions, stage presentation, etc. When you're singing into a microphone, YOUR VOICE has to sell that emotion...not an easy task to accomplish. Keep working at it girlfriend, you'll get there!

God Gave Us Jesus by Christa Cossey

It was a difficult decision to do a review on this song. This artist in recent times has put out many’good’ songs that were done well. There were a few things, easily correctable, that could turns this song around and have a ‘better’ presentation, that so many of her other songs already have done. Number one easy fix: simplify the background during the verses. There is a continuous ‘battle ‘ between the guitar and piano that often distracts from the message of the verses. They should be complimenting the vocal instead of saying “Hey listen to me”! One of our nation’s top studio guitarist, one of the “Swampers” Jimmy Johnson, has made a lifetime career by adhering to that principle, one others should learn from! I’m not saying his playing skills are bad, just that he should be more discerning, a strumming acoustic guitar would have worked a lot better. The pianist though obviously very talented and skilled could have ‘pulled back’ a little as well. The bass seemed to be right on track, stead and consistent, as well as the drummer, with minor tweaks. The vocalist is obviously very talented, as has she has been consistently in song after song that we’ve heard from her. On this one it seemed that lowering the key either a half-step or possibly a whole-step would helped the higher portions of the songs range, where even though she hit every note right square on, it seemed it was a challenge, instead of flowing easily. As I started out saying, this was a difficult choice to discuss this song. Christa has blessed us with so many wonderful songs, and with some tweeking , maybe her wonderful vocals could shine through, insteading of trying to battle through the band.

Hello from Jerzy...

I like The Song and Arrangement also... but to bad that vocal is no so good... some parts are off the tune and this is main reason it has to be re it is has no chance to be played on Air Radio.. or found a Publishing House... again I like the song but in order to make something happen it has to sound Much Better....I wish You a Good Luck...

Keep It going !!!

Good song for inspiration it will bring glory to the nation !!!! Sincerely Riano acidplanet and amazingtunes, ourstage, reverbnation, good website to help carry you further with inspirational songs

Keep it up

The song is very beautiful. I would work to get the vocals more clearer and put the voices up due to the music is louder. I love the lyrics and the message of the song. Keep doing what ur doing and I pray the LORD keeps blessing your music.
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