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A lot of creativity went into all of this. It really tugs on the imagination. Musicianship is outstanding for all played on keys as well as the guitar work. It did make you sense God's presence and is truly one of the best things I've heard in a while from an independent artist.

what site?

nice nice one! nice guitar licks and sounding. good atmosphere and good break moments. wee like it. From Nashville always good blues and rock coming from.. Cheeers for you. Good work, keep going

musique de film

l'intro me fait pensé à quelque chose de sombre et puis le morceau surprend je trouve justement en partant sur une musique plus légère. je verrai bien ce morceau comme une musique de film, je ne sais pas si c'était le but mais c'est ce que je ressent.

Review of Hand Touching God

Absolutely Spot On Man!!!!! I love the mix, quality, tracks and blend of Tech to Guitar. Keep up the great work as it was inspiring to me. I would really like to know what online site you used as I have played with Soundation, LoopLabs and SoundTrap. Im currently using Mixcraft Pro 7.0. Please message me at NCMusicNet if you can......Craig T.

Hand Touching God - Review

This is one of those tunes I could find myself listening to over and over while reading in the study late at night. I enjoyed the mix on this tune. The levels and instrumental parts sound really good. The only critique I may want to mention is in a couple spots of the mix there are brief pauses in the transitions, but other than that I stand by my first line. I could listen to this over and over late nights...

Not sure what makes this Christian

This is a long instrumental, with a very simple chord structure, and electronic sounds overlaid on electronic keyboard. It is more New Age or Jazz than Christian per se, aside from the reference to God in the title. If you like New Age jazz as ambient music -- which I do -- this works for about the first 3 minutes, creating an atmosphere of excitement. Then, in comes a noisy, busy electric guitar, as an unwelcome visitor, who stays for about 30 seconds and is gone again. Not really my cup of tea, but you might like it.

Keep up the great work!

Music is great! Great for a movie or television show. Has great dynamics. Great guitar lead!!! Add some lyrics to this and you would have a great song. The song starts out slow with a great build up to it. Keep up the great work! Mark


this song made me travel with the imagination I saw a horse running free in a forest and suddenly other horses chasing him but could not take it and the white horse flew to freedom. this is what i've tried ...


I really enjoyed listening to your instrumental composition. I liked the song very much. It seems like I can see your heart in your music. The song definitely is a song of worship. The only thing I would consider doing is to possibly take out the loud guitar solo at the end, and consider adding some bingo or Congo drums in place of the brassy sound of one of your instruments in your song. If you do this, and consider my advice to you in my critiquing of your beautiful instrumental song, then the affect would be a song that has a constant flow of gentleness without harsh sounds of the lead guitar. You have a beautiful gift! This song could possibly be used for the background music in a Christian movie! Keep up the Good work! May God bless you in your continued efforts of producing your beautiful music! To God, belongs all of the Glory! Thank you so much for sharing!

very good

Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Hello from Jerzy

I was expecting a song.. and I got an instrumental music..I will say in Ambient Category..I like First Part is Great for Meditations..but the second do not fit that category.. is some Rock... is not a good idea to mix two different Styles in one Make TWO...I'm sure You know what to do... I like the Guitar play...Jerzy

Nice building up!

The harmonic cycle of the beginning is very good, and the way that elements are added in each pass is nice, the electric guitar solo needs a lot of work, it’s evident that it is a sample edited and not played for this song, I would remove it

Hand Touching God

Very original and interesting song. It kept my attention the entire time I listened to it, wondering what was coming next. I like the fact that it is instrumental as we often get inundated with too many words in our culture. I loved the dramatic lead guitar solo and how it eventually pulled back to a softer sound. I enjoyed the abrupt ending of the tune which added to it's overall likeability and uniqueness .

Chaser Here is My Review!

Hi first of all nice tune the music is very soothing to the ears it's a song that would be a good fit for fans enjoy easy listening music in it can be marketed in several areas of music on a scale one out of ten I would give it a ten keep up the great work I hope what I have said will be of some use I wish you the best in your music career from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/UMG.

Awesome composition

Great work, loving the guitars and the progression and evolution of the theme is outstanding, sublime and emotional perfect for sunny autum afternoons, full of light and introspection.
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