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Very Nice

Nice original style & mix I like. When I first heard it I was trying to figure out what style and language it was in and I couldn't. You've created a lane of your own. Keep up the good work I'm listening.

To the last drop

this track has a club feel on some part,but some part i'm just not sure what's about to happen, but i can see some dj's mixing parts of the track into there mix for the club and i'm just not sure hot to label it and i don't understands some part, but it ok

A Second Review...

Greetings Chaser....the first time I reviewed 'your smash' I felt that it was more than ready to unleash. Hearing it again I feel it has a very 'global kind of reach'. I have been through numerous nightclubs throughout Europe and I see this work being very well received in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, etc. I really hope you get the exposure you deserve. You could get launched in 2018...All the best...Barrymore

crazy flow

wow i love how your flow on that joint is beat has a lot of energy keep a person body pumping i didn't expect that flow and it a song that some might have to listen to it twice ut all and all i like it keep up the good work and wish you the best of luck you might want to look up Da Russ And Stew Show And Get Them To Play your Song And interview You

Good song

First off id like to Thank you for letting me reviews definitely felt the good vibes coming from this track had to show this song to my roommates with the quickness when i heard some real life action goin down it may not have the mainstream feel but it was still a great song when my recommend and earn time come back up ill share your music on my social media outlets keep up the good work and goodluck with getting shows!

Excellently Mixed

This song is positively one of the freshest songs out not. It has the phat commercial sound and nuance that will attract the hip hop and pop audiences. The European club market will definitely like this sound. Great mix!!

Crunk, but sounds dated

Nice song, but it sounds like it was made in 2001. The instrumental also sounds dated. I do like the Vocal samples. I will try to do something that sounds of today with the same energy. Good tho

its a dance song forsure

that edm mix u have and the mixing of the vocals. im guessing its a combination of songs if not it is very well crafted. i like how you chopped up the rappers parts but the females parts are extremely clear. i would like to know if its two different songs or is that just a rapper and a singer with their clips and vocals dropped and chopped in there. the beat is a raver beat for sure and would be a little doper if it had a drop or a more powerful drop.

HOT!! To The Last Drop!!

I like it!! The music got me from the very beginning. This song makes you move and if this was done for the "LADIES" I think you the nail on the head. Turn them lyrics up a bit & drive that HOOK in them. "KEEP THE VISION" ~MVP~

Lovin 'To The Last Drop'

This is a killer tune! I love the hard hitting lyrics and rhythms. This is definitely a track to get you bumping and grinding on the dance floor. I recommend this to any hip hop fans, young or old!

Chaser What's Up

Here is my review brothers I been checking you out you guy's are really fast when it come to rapping I gotta give it to you I had to listen to this record about ten times to get to the hook of the song my brothers I dig it you have a cool but fast rap style thumbs up to you and your crew you are very good at what you do mad props to you great job. And I feel any singer looking for this style of rap they should give you a call in fact I would you blew me away on the vocals of this song well done its fantastic and I feel the music industry would take you in the business with open arms I am a loss for words on this tune you really kick some rap booty on this tune love you guy's keep in touch from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross/Music Group UMG. FANTASTIC JOB MY BROTHERS.

Super Litty

That was one of the most lit things ever!!!!! I am super impressed. Where do you record? How often do you write new material? How long have yoy been doing this? Who are your main influemces? Any way nice work!


NOT to BAD. MAKES WANT TO MOVE. LOL Had that oldschool type of feel. pretty cool track man. "Beat it beat it up, aha. Check out some my music on my page . follow my SoundCloud@Imnotlucky thank you


This song is fun. I like the fast music. Its something to play when are in a party vibe. I think that more of a melody in the music would truly put that completely dancing flow together. I truly do appreciate being able to hear everyone's gift of music. Thank you for sharing your music and artistry with the fellow musicians on this site. Have a great weekend. Do not stop the flow

good shit

Nothing to say jus keep it going the shit went hard keep out up man publicity itz right around the corner you know not too many people have talent and you my friend have talent rock that shit
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