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A track with real potential

Excellent track well produced and thought out, a blend of styles and emotions expressed within an echoing movement that builds gently towards the peak of the track. Each section hits a note that displays a disjointed representation of feelings that compliment the meaning of the song. The production values are excellent, the vocals are well sung and varied, the guitar pieces compliment the mood and feeling of the song. I would have loved for the song to have a more alternative change in the middle or towards the end but I would be highlighting something that is not necessary as the song works really well as it stands. Well done Chaser I look forward to hearing more from you over the coming months, you obviously love making music it shows...


Good intro ,good vocals interesting riff,good vibe and feeling,staying the same for a long time,but still a good vibe ah nice welcome change good riff but didn’t go anywhere would have liked if you’d devolved that middle part,decent song,strong chord progression,a little too much the same and then it changes again,kinda of an Irish gig in the change,mesmerizing,haunting,but needs something,a chorus or tag and a longer instrumental

New genre

From what I hear there’s some heavy influences from the rock scene. Although most of the track feels electronic. Some growling that accompanies the lead lyrics well. I’m not sure but you might have invented a new genre. The drum programming in the middle during the guitar-solo is a tad bit high. I like the lyrics and the overall feel of your expression on it.


We listen to this song putted in a loop, and thats because the music you play is verry nice, and it is verry good when we celebrate Eastern here. Happy Eastern we hope we can say . We think the music is as important as the words . In this song its even more for us because the Title says so much. We give you 5 +++ for this song. The guitarsolo is verry beautiful. Also mix of the bassdrum is verry much part of our experience here. Of course all the other rythmical sounds here also. Sincerely Yours


I was expecting something much better..Vocal is off the tune. and this is NO GO in today Music Bizz...and quality recording are not so possible if You re write and re record it will be much better..You ask for review .well the best way is to send to Music Publisher or Program Director on some Radio Station and ..I really like to know What They will say..there is a good idea inside of Your song..but has to be worked out.. I wish You good luck...

Growing Up

I admire groups that challenge traditional thoughts on format or genre. Here, this song shows as Blues, Country and Rock. I'd say none of the above, though there are elements of each. When I'm making music, I always think of how can I get this played on terrestrial radio so it's hit-worthy. Here, I'm not sure where or how you'd go about doing such a feat, however, the music is decent and might make for a movie soundtrack addition.

Interesting Fusion

You can tell that band grew up with a number of musical and cultural influences. Interesting stuff. I liked the Peter Gabriel/Native American drum beat ...I did fell that the guitar solos could have been more melodic.

Just Right

If music was food, this song would be five warm pounds of smoked bacon cooked just right in a pan of maple syrup that was extracted from a fresh, budding young pine in the glen. And, on the topic of maple syrup, this piece slowly oozes from the synthesizer's keys like sweet, savory molasses. The way the different melody lines flow together seamlessly offer up a decadence of grace that can be experienced by all five senses. Once I listened to this song, it inspired me to forever be a better musician. I have been studying language of every culture, trying to search for words that can possibly give this piece the credit it was due, and at length I found that there are no words in any human language that can possibly express its magnificence. Even this review undermines the actual quality of the song so much that it saddens me to the point of despair, and the only thing that keeps me going are those cleverly placed dominant seventh chord inversions with the median tone in the root , that decorate this song through and throughout.

Children of war review

Very Interesting song.. almost reminiscent of the hippie psychedelic era. many songs of that era were fusions of blues, rock and country. The title and music certainly fits that era. Many children of that time had fathers that were in WWII. It takes awhile to get to an instrumental bridge which lightens up a minor based depressed feel. Some elements of the Byrds and Crosby stills and Nash. Very edgy and mood capturing sound.

Good, very good!!

Hi! First of all, I love this Song! My opinion is that here we have a Cool hit! Very good! The voice Melody is very Cool and catchy, the rythm is very good and for all the Song I moved my Feet! The Guitar solo at the end is Simple and clear, very good! Good choice of the guitar's sound. I love the Main riff at the piano is so Simple..., Three notes..., Very good!! Also i think that here we have Cool lyrics. C'mon Chaser, I wanna hear more of your Music! I Hope for you a very great future!! All the best for you!!


 We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.


The artist is right - a song with a message. Compelling music, percussion is harsh and resonant, grabbing your attention. Given the message in the song, that makes perfect sense. In today's world, we have far too many children of war. The vocals are mixed at the right level to stand out over the music, but the music is good. solid playing, excellent recording, relevant message. The three things I look for in a good song. Look forward to more!


It a complicated style. At 1st I thought is was going to be a country song. As I indulged, I realized that there are many styles in this masterpiece. I tell you this, and I mean it. I did not get bored one bit. It's very good......


Hi hope your well. The track needs to be mixed down. The vocals are hard to understand in some areas. So if your attempting to send a message out there it would be hard to understand. The track is great has a nice flow and mixture. The vocals I would love to hear more excitement in areas to show the intensity of what your feeling. But over all it's nice thank you.

Grand review

As far yet that I have reviewed many songs, and two of the other songs that I have put in the top chart no 1 and 2 for myself, now this song lies in my top chart #1. There is no comment on this song. Perfect perfect perfect. Chaser is my best band in numberonemusic. I would listen to you other songs too. Your song Children of War deserves to be on top chart. Seems to me as if I am listening to live radio from the station. Well done. Best wishes. Cheers!!
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