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Excellent composition, and tunes! Very well recorded, instrumental mix sounds big, i liked a lot, and the voice sounds amazing! The guitar sounds heavy, powerful, in the exact way that i like, this guys really deserves attention!



Hello from Jerzy...

I listen Your song 2 times ..I think Your Friends will tell You that this is a good song...but I have a different opinion..the arrangement is not to good ..I was expecting something much better...vocal is ok.. but try to stay in Tune..some parts are off... I just wish You sing it with More energy ..try to re record because at it is I do not see if any Major Music Publisher will take ok to sing it at Concerts.. I wish You good luck.. Keep up good work...

Good Song, Could Use Real Instrumentation

I'm sure the writer/performer would love to use a real band in recording this song, but as a reviewer, I've got to say it anyway. The MIDI instrumentation on this song really doesn't do it justice. Otherwise, the idea, structure, content, and overall vibe I really like. Fun electro-prog rock vibes, and a great voice, though it could use some effects. In my honest opinion, the floating OOh's and Woah's in the Chorus should be given a bit more thought, maybe just some autotune? Not trying to be harsh, but these are honest opinions, and for what it's worth, I don't even review songs I DON'T like, so... there's that. I'd love to see this song in the studio with some real musicians sometime. Keep up the good work, and never, ever back down. Cheers! Also, come tour in NM sometime!

cavalier Review -----------------------------'---'---------------'-----------------------------'

 We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China

What we waited for

We give you 5 stars with 10 more +. Dancing to Rockmusic .Singing like chaka khan. Just can`t stop listening .I before asked where is Soul music. Call it whatever you want.I now call it Rock Musik for Dancing with Soul. I again say singing like chaka khan. Sincerely Yours Bear Of Moon Band

perfect match of a beautiful voice in an unusual song. (great!)

unused electronic song. a beautiful mix of sounds, a lot of keyboards playng with a beautiful voice (I listen a lot of songs and the sounds of instruments are Always exciting but often the lead voice, as color, or melody lines are in the wrong place) here, the voice is absolutely perfect. the giutar solos brings everything in a kind of rock space so it's hard to close the song in a genre. was curious to listen something else by you and I'm really satisfied.

Production is key

The song is Great! Try playing around with you stereo panning so everything can sit better in the mix. The guitar tone is good but wasn't cutting through in the mix. Also make sure when your using sample drums to sync everything. You were getting a slight flam (slap back delay) on the kick and snare! Keep up the good work your only going to get better.

Nice tune

Listening to Chaser was a nice experience, it was like being transported back to some specific moment of the 80's. It reminded me some of the tunes I used to enjoy and add to my personal playlists, such as the Brazilians Johann Heyss and Saara Saara.


I want to say this is really poppish.. but its not, really. Has a great vibe to it, super groove. The music just carries you along, and the vocals over top of it are great. Solid words, and the melody is wide-ranged and interesting. The song is quite catchy. The actual vocals, the delivery, really solid. The balance of instruments and how they work together is superb. This song would fit right in on any album-oriented rock radio station. Excellent work.

Love the song

Love the vocals. The wall of sound can be a bit much but even this is well done. The lyrics work. The composition is very well done and the lead guitar is great. If there's anything I'd alter is the sound takes away somewhat from the song especially the drum loop.Otherwise very good song...congrats


Very nice song well I think good rock ,nice young voice cry out for life ,hundred % feeing In to this world fucked up,keep singing Keep do music I will definitely share your song with my friends

Great feel

I enjoyed this tune. I enjoyed the lyrics, particularly "The fire's getting stronger, you don't have a chance, here comes the end". Some great guitar work on this tune, coupled with the synth work it provides a nice contra-feel to the song that is both interesting and unexpected. A music video would really suit this song i gave me lots of ideas visually as i listened to it. Good work.

A Refreshing Talent Emerges

This has got real potential, and not just the song but the artist. Not only does it hook the listener but it evolves in a way that keeps you listening and leaves you wanting more. The other must have, as I concluded my first listen, is that when it ended I wanted to play it again, and again. Also, and equally important, it made me want to hear what else the artist has written. Those are ingredients for success.


he instrumental is as always top notch with performances by wonderfully gifted musicians as always. The lyrics speak of many hidden ways in human experience. I did not completely grasp the meaning but I do believe this song is a meaningful message to your listeners. However, I found it very intriguing.and I hope to hear more from the artist, singer& song writer.I don't understand why this song is called "Grow", however, I do appreciate the depth of the emotion with which it is performed.
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