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Relaxing vibes

I diggin it where do you guys play ay and Why havent I been there I missed out but lets build hit us up where in Nashville also nice vibes and refreshing

Evening Breeze

Oh this is sooo Beautiful!!!!!! What a sensational Voice!!!!! Very Very Professionally Done!!!!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!!!!!! SharBaby

Surprising !!

Hello Chaser, tell me if i'm wrong, but this melody approaches a Japanese melody but with Western harmonies, I like very much the melody and also the flow of the whole song. A small detail; it's about the recording, it is a little week, it could be better I think ! But other than that, the approach is very interresting, avoids a certain originality that does not leave me indifferent. Good luck for the rest to follow. Codially Sal


Hi this is a great music and indeed a fantastic artist. Well worth the listen for uour enjoyment. Give the muscian a wholehearted listen and then please vote vote vote. Thankyou and best of luck :-) Cherri

Nice laid back and mellow.

I love the nice laid back and mellow vibe of this song. Nice voice and nice use of light and shade in the music. The only thing for me missing was perhaps a instrumental break/solo and could feel it leading to that but this is by no means a criticism, just something that I think would go well. The song however is great the way it is. Keep bringing your fans fantastic music.

Evening Breeze "Chaser"

A lovely song for relaxing out on the porch in the evening or even early in the morning, flows well and the sultry voice of the female singer delivers it well, but could be a bit stronger with a few more takes I would say. Live drums and piano would also in my opinion enhance the quality of the sound and song even more. I do realize it is difficult for a songwriter to finalize every song they write at the demo stage to see how it is actually going to sound on a recording, and that the more the artists records the better their material gets as they derive more ideas each time and can borrow some of them from song to song when they are writing a lot of songs. Chaser keeps coming up with solid material, somebody in Nashville soon should grab one these songs and make a hit record. Keep loading and firing Chaser. Tom Wiggins

A Heartfelt Song Of Loss

The sultry voice of Chaser emotes the passionate feeling of the songwriter as they deal with the loss of another. For this reason, I chose to rate Chaser pretty high. The voice is a nice voice and certainly performs with conviction and passion. The production is dated so it would be hard to get radio stations to play this one. But even with that, it’s an artist that I would like to hear more from. To be more successful in this area, the song needs a fresher and more current treatment. The good parts of the production included a dynamic that many people don’t understand well enough to incorporate. The nice voice of the singer is hidden in the inadequate direction given to her. To use that voice with a clear, well produced definition would likely bring about the kind of compelling vocal performance that would help a song like this connect well with listeners. The sax solo is very 1982, so more current contemporary production is called for in this. But if a good producer comes in to help and brings it up to 2016 as well as gives great direction to the singer, this could be a contender for a successful song even on the radio. I could see this being developed and placed into a movie or tv show and could shine as a contemporary hit.

Finally Found Quality

CHASER embodies the utmost in musical and production excellence! There is also a consistency that one feels and hears as you listen to the wonderful songs on this superb cd...what are you waiting for? Our top pick today....make sure that you hear CHASER ASAP!


Well presented lyrics and vocal arrangement. Instrumentation carries the melody quite well. Objectively, an instrumental solo (any instrument) at the midpoint would have carried the melody to a higher point and taken the load off the vocals which maintained the same smoothness throughout. This song kept me waiting for something to happen which never did. Overall good composition and kudos to all who brought this work to fruition.


Lovely, Just Lovely Chaser. The Somber deep vibes resonating from this song is a breathe of fresh air on the beach and your vocals remind me of a time in our culture when things we so Free Spirited and natural. Something we greatly need again in our culture today, Love the rise and fall of the music as you flow ever so gracefully on the vocals. Great Job.


Awesome work and keep on doing the same thing with the music industry and company names mentioned in the future it will all werk out bruh do wat yu gotta do man its all good I like the music in the game

Nice Feel

Very pleasant to listen to. Nice vocal and arrangement. What i missed in this piece was the bridge/break.....and when your in the second part half of the song there should be an buildup, in which I was waiting for. Still a nice song. Best wishes!

very good

writing and singing and arangement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

evening breeze

I really enjoyed this artistic piece,you were able evoke the emotion I feel when remembering the warm breeze on my skin when vacationing at an exotic resort. I enjoyed the cresendo in your music lead up to your lyrics,it felt like a lead up to the next soft breeze on my skin,good work. I wonder if a little reverb on your voice would enhance the natural whisper of the breeze.The last time I felt like I was vacationing in the south was from a Dianne Krahl song so you are definetly in good company. For me when an artist can evoke the intended emotion through the medium of choice and create a living legacy for others to enjoy they have achieved the essance of the craft,in my opinion you have done this with your artistry.

Brano particolare

Brano particolare cantato con voce particolare,arrangiato in modo adeguato,nell'insieme un brano interessante.Grazie per aver chiesto la mia opinione,un grosso saluto dalla Sicilia,Mario
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