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Just can't do

Really a Romantic Tune!!!! Beautifully sung!!!!! Oh that Piano is Fantastic!!!!! This would make a Great Television Film Background. Love that Sax!!!! This song is very professionally recorded. I really love it!!!! Keep up the Great Work Chaser!!! SharBaby

Just can't do it

Nice really cool sentiental tune cool cool cool vibe warm rich contralto voice great great great great great sky is the limit and tje limt is the sky keep it coming keep it coming keep it coming nice effort

"Just can't do" chaser

I like this song a lot, and realize it was more than likely produced on a small budget, as so many songwriters are forced to do, but I think it has some good potential to reach a lot of people if it were just stronger. I do not know the artist or the vocalist, so I can only relate what my ears reflect to me from the available track. I think the vocals could be much stronger to reflect the power behind the lyrics and structure of the song. The emotion and the message is clear in the song, just needs to be upgraded and polished off to stronger radio play potential and it should garner some commercial success. just my .02cents worth. Tom Wiggins an da boys in da band

review of just cant do

great arrangement . when i look back i remember all the different styles and songs. this one is cool and nice vocal . Hope you make lots of money with it as i think it could be a hit if distributed in the right way. Good job

just can't do

There is a peacefulness in this song. Everyone struggles daily with choices, whether life, love, finances or the loss of someone close. I believe this song captures the essence of that struggle. It is soft and well produced. Thank You.


Very original love the uniqueness of your song great. The mis is great and wonderful songwriting. The vocal mix is clean look forward to more of your unique style and great p[passion

Just can't do

Listen to this nice jazzy song by Chaser's song 'Just can't do'............................................................... Thanks ! Wannislas ................

A original take much like 1940

I think the band lays down a great backing track. The vocalist has his own thing going which he should be commended for. This would be fun to listen to in an intimate little club for ambiance.

Just can't do

The singer is good, but I think there are some spots in the song that should be redone. The song seems to be well recorded, the instruments are well played, and the lyrics are good.

JUst cant do

I really like this song a lot. The instrumentation is great. With a rounded mix of a lot of different instruments not normally found in one song. I don't know how many hours were spent on the music mix but it is very tight. The vocal is very heartfelt and while not pitch perfect, gives the song a soulful grind that makes you really think he is feeing it himself. Good song.

Very classy!

It's a nice song. It is very classy. It is a very good arrangement. You may want to put a tuner on your voice. It's a good song. A couple of places the lyrics just weren't right. It felt like you were just finding things that worked and not putting the message in it. Try playing with the phrasing. It is still a good song. It has a lot of feeling. In the middle, you need to pull the sax back a bit so it is not overwhelming your vocals.

Cool and easy to listen

Very easy to listen too track. Reminded me of a Gordon Lightfoot number. Nice song and good delivery. I look fwd to hearing more from Chaser. Looking to find more music from Chaser.


I'm mainly going to rate the underlying song because I think that's what's needed here. Production-wise I think there's a lot of good ideas there, some of them are in the wrong places, but there's some good sounds that support the mood of the song. I like the sax a lot and it could work well for this song but think it could have been saved for an ending surprise or something, and background vocals used instead until then. The singer has a lot of emotion at times and a good voice. It just needs some coaching in the studio and learn to control when and when not to use the beautiful vibrato. I'm thinking that this song is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle that has the pieces there but needs them in the right places. You've got the mood, you've got the instruments right for the mood, the lyrics, etc. A lot of heart went into this, I can tell, and the song has character. It's a beautiful piece, just needs some work and a little re arranging. "Just can't do without you" is a very nice melody, I like that bit a lot. Extra points for mood here too.

Dreamy new love song "just can't do" from Chaser

This ballad is a smooth and retro treatment of an age old theme--unrequited love. The song starts with the chorus and then elaborates on the story through the verses. Instrumentation includes Nelson Ridddle style violin lines in counterpoint with the slightly off tuned upright piano and is rounded out with bass and drums. Transcendental Crooning that will remove you from everyday doldrums...for 4 all too short minutes!

Who don't love the blues?

want to hear some blues? Country blues is the thing to listen to...take a minute and listen to some good Country blues, Everything good comes out of Nashville and this is worth a listen!!! A lil Rock never hurts either...I love all sorts of music but I gotta say I love me some blues!
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