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Week 46, 2017

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  • 1
    I See A Fire - Kenny Cable
    Christian Rock / Contemporary Christian
    Signature review:

    My thoughts on "I See A Fire"

    The beginning of this song is lively and full of energy! That has me anticipating what's around the ... more The beginning of this song is lively and full of energy! That has me anticipating what's around the corner. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The skipping drums and melodious guitars took me right to the lyrics which are just a pure delight to the ears. The vocals are warm and inviting - the positive tone carries the theme of "seeing a fire" right to the chorus. This song just sails along smoothly, making it fun to listen to. If you're a musician you want to join the band, if you're anyone else you want to get up and clap and sway to the music. Great flow!

    The piano, and organ are adding soul to this song as it moves along - just right. The words are simple, but cut to the heart of what gospel music is to so many - uplifting and entertaining. This song is both. ... The songs a little long, but that being said, it's the kind of song that you would like to hear driving down the road in the sun or even on a rainy day. This song is good country music at it's best. When the song gets soft just before it breaks to the end is the frosting on the cake! A great arrangement makes this song much better than it would have been... hat's off to whoever arranged this gem.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful gospel song, it touched my heart and I'm sure it will touch many more as it fills the airwaves... In Christ/Michael D'Aigle less

  • 2
    Singapore's Celestial Angel - Nothingpure
    Christian Rock / Alternative Rock
  • 3
    Free at Last - Kenny Cable
    Christian Rock
  • 4
    Christian Rock
  • 5
    Surrender - robert danaher
    Christian Rock
  • 6
    Christian Rock / Christian Rap
  • 7
    Where Are You Goin' - Les LaMotte
    Christian Rock
  • 8
    Echos remaster 2014 - Outfall
    Christian Rock
    Signature review:

    Interesting Sound

    I like to use a critique format that was used at the Christian Musicians Summit, where Paul Baloche ... more I like to use a critique format that was used at the Christian Musicians Summit, where Paul Baloche critiqued one of my songs (yes, the song needed a lot of work!). I much prefer to have the lyrics while I review, but here goes:

    1. Does any of the text raise a red flag with regard to Christian Theology?
    I do not see any problems, although it seems to be more geared toward CCM.

    2. Does this sound like another song? Is the lyrical content fresh?
    The song seems pretty unique to me.

    3. Does it speak to the hearts of people? Can people relate to the lyrics?
    Yes, I think the descriptions in your verses are of everyday life people can relate to.

    4. Can your average Joe/Jo sing this song?
    Not a worship song, so this one probably does not matter.

    5. Does the song structure make sense (lyric form, chord progression, verse-chorus arrangement)?
    I think you have a V-C-V-C-V-C structure - pretty standard, so good.

    6. What feels good about the song?
    The guitar particularly caught my attention, especially at the beginning. Almost Phil Keaggy-ish.
    Nice vocal harmony as well.

    7. What feels "funny" (not ha-ha) about the song?
    - The verses seemed a bit long
    - Might be a little dated in the overall feel to the song
    All in all, I would say a good effort!

  • 9
    You Can't Keep A Good Man Down - MICHAEL D'AIGLE
    Christian Rock / Christian Country
  • 10
    Joshua People - Ken and Debrah Smith
    Christian Rock
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