Very Cat Stevens

Great singing man, love the Cat Stevens feel. Love how it builds up and the strings come in towards the end. A cracking good song mate. Keep up the good work my friend and if you keep writing songs like this you can't go much wrong, never give up and keep the faith.

The Road to Somewhere

Quality story telling. The vocals seem to grow on you by the minute drawing you into listening more closely. Very thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics. What more could you ask for. Angelic in sound and true as the driven snow. This sounds and feels like a natural talent on the loose here and now. If I could compare the sound to a mood I would say its a homecoming to something I've been searching for all of my life and now we are on the homestretch waiting for the ecstasy to happen. Very well done song writing and delivery. I would be waiting for the next track to load up and take me further down this road.

Angel On Earth

This song is really a great love song. Very good lyrics and melody. This song reminded me not to take love for granted and always cherish the moments we have together. I have been married for 5 years now and this song showed me that I need to be grateful and loving to my wife.

Angel on Earth Charles Chilton

What a pleasant surprise to discover such a nice song on number one music, and a genuinely talented songwriter and performer. This is a heartfelt song written by someone who got married back in the days when it really meant something and the two people knew what they were doing and committing to. Lyrics flow like a softly moving stream creating an image of two people walking alongside it still holding hands after 47 years together knowing that it all worked out well for them. Nice guitar work and the string work behind it is very enhancing as well. Good work Charles and I wish you another happy 47 years. I think I shall borrow this song and give it to my own bride of 52 years. I could not say it any better to her and more than likely not even as good. Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band


I love this song lyric and the voice is so pure and calls to mind many other love songs. The acoustic guitar instrumental is beautifully composed, the notes striking the perfect tempo. I also love the fiddle or is it a violin that adds depth to the song and really is evocative of a heavenly angelic presence in the form of your lovely wife. This song makes me want to be like her for my husband's sake. A true love song. I can't remember who the famous singer's name is that your vocal talent calls to mind. It might be Leo Sayer. I like the picture you paint of living in harmony and being true to each other and your selves. Wonderful story and wonderful sentiments. I would make only one suggestion, to add some percussion with an Irish Drum or Indian drum in the beat of a heart beat in the background. But, it is not my song to say what is what, so only wondering what it might sound like with percussion of some sort. Thank your for sharing your love story with the world. Refrain: "Angel on earth, living with me, Working for your wings, before your time."

Angel on Earth "Charlie Chilton"

Hey Charlie, what a pleasure to find your song on number one music,nice story by a very talented storyteller with smooth flowing lyrics with excellent instrumentation as well. In todays world of so much unpleasant music, it is a delight to find something really listenable that can actually be enjoyed by adults and shared with others. I sincerely hope it is a very successful song for you and more people discover it and your wonderful talent. Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band

Nice song

The vocals & guitar are good. The song presentation is good along with the lyrics. Nice sound. The recording sound quality is good. Really enjoying the song, vocals & guitar. EVERY now & then it was hard to understand the lyrics, but the vocals & all was good.

Angel On Earth

Great song Charles. I like it very much. I just did a song called Angel Of Mercy and your song caught my attention. I like the overall mix and sound of your voice and violins. Great job and it Rocks!

Angel on earth

Absolutely incredible! Great and wonderful song. Almost started crying because it's so beautiful. For me a song, which deserves to be listened on the whole world. Haven't heard about you yet, but I'm sure I will in the future. Congratulation to this work, really keep it up and try to reach as many as possible to listen to your stunning music. You really have talent, don't waste it. With the best regards from Austria, Christoph. (btw. you're the 2nd who gets a 5/5 stars rating, normally i don't give it, but this time it is worth about it!)

Canada Rocks!

Hi Charles Well! well! well! Where do I start, this style of music is right up my street! I think you have delivered a beautiful honest song, with a story that had me hanging on for the next part of the story. I loved the guitar melody, tad to much bass just a tad "immaterial" The strings at the end kissed it off nice! Very very very Easy to listen to, and I understand from experience that it is not easy to achieve this type of easy listening style. I think your voice and singing style really work for the song, I`d guess it was very personal to you and I think that comes through, at the same time I could relate to everything you sang and that`s just what you should be doing! Best regards You get a big thumbs up from Unclecon in Glasgow

Innocent and carefree

A simple and pretty sound. A sincere vocal guides the melody gently through an acoustic folk landscape with a lyric adoring another in a gentle floating way. Production comes across comfortably with a violin accompaniment that lifts the chorus to just the right place in mood for the song Angel On Earth. Charles Chilton does a good job telling the story of caring for someone deeply, and expresses well his desire to give what he can to the object of his desire.

Love, love, love

Lovely romantic song! Love the sound of the guitare. The arrangements are just perfect. They keep enough space to the voice and the lyrics. The chords sound great. The melody is easy to remember. A good song to listen to with your soulmate!

A well crafted song

The performer sings from his heart. Nice addition with the cello. A pleasant song with good timing throughout . A good recording. The voice is likable and the melody is enjoyable. I believe this song and its performer could hold an audience.

The good and the reasonable amount with bad

All of acharles ‘ songs are very nice, pleasant. But I’m not particularly keen on banging on about rubbish. So I’ll say right away, the good, solid instruments, timing, clean record. Needs some production and some small details, but that’s just mitt gritty. The song has a nice chorus, again arrangement and production directioni to make it sparkle. , but this is all just part of the process of honing our art and step by step, we make our art a product. If we have the skill, sonic vision, and ability to use them together . . . we can Hold our integrity as a badge and honour our music as individuals Anyhow, for the negatives jwhile the Chorus of the song did it’s job, lyrics fit the song I rcannot say the same for the verses. They are Weak, and seemingly not connected to the music at all. It’s doesnt rhyme, while the choruses do, then more generic lovey drible. You’ve been becoming a little lazy Mr. Chilton, in recent song writing(scribbling). I know your music Charlie, and it’s better than this! I hope you don’t feel attacked, I’m trying to not beat around the bush, exposing what’s wrong, because I like you . . . but the production of this track . . . is A bloody TAC COMERCIAL. ITS A DISASTROUS ACCIDENT. So, there is my mixed review

Blissful listening

Love the strings in the song. It stars with the picking of guitar string then with the introduction of (i believe the Cello) it morfs into a blissful sound of strings. With Charles voice it has this Country/Folk/Celtic vibe that sing songs it's way through with a happy deliverance.
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