This song just got to me when I started playing it because my mom just passed away two months ago. My momma knows I'm walking with the Lord. I really miss her. She taught me so much over the years. Thank you for your words. She served the Lord all of her life including ministering to the native Americans for many years. Thank you again for your song. May God bless you and yours richly. DE

Unique christian ballad

Have listened to this instrumental based track a couple of times. A slow melodramatical song, but it´s worth listening. Brother Gene shows that some chords are enough for a good song. The lyrics coming from the heart and touching the soul. The unique vocals of the singer has a brilliant irish sounding vocal projection. This song isn´t complex. A soft accompaining harmonica as extra factor brings additional feeling into the song. The lyrics unleashes feelings in relation of the mother who passed away and tells us also about the revalation of believe. Good song from a very talented musician and overall impressive track for a self-produced recording. This ambitious song could played in some clubs. I´m sure you will also enjoy and likewise add it.

Mama I'm Walking With the Lord

Hi there Gene. Quite a song you've got there; a painful but inspiring story. After listening to your song a couple of times, there were a few things that came to mind. Nice simple strumming with a touch of the harmonica. Although your voice is a bit shaky, it seemed to be a fit for the feel of the song. It could have been mixed a bit louder because I couldn't hear some of the words. Over-all, the sound level of the song could have been boosted; I had to turn my speakers up a bit so that I could hear it. ;) There were a few places where it sounded like whoever was playing the guitar and the harmonica wasn't sure of what note/chord should be played next, and as a result the wrong one was played. It is a small matter indeed, but some of the words that you have chosen don't match up with the 4/4 beat of your song. In a strange kind of way, I thought that the buzzing of the guitar strings in some places was appropriate for this song; indicative of what the Lord does when He finds each of us - he takes us where we are at and starts strumming the strings of our broken down and worn hearts. But after we give Him our hearts, He begins the process of renewing our hearts and lives - and the sound improves vastly. :) This is where I had a bit of an idea here that you may or may not agree with Gene. I don't know if you have ever seen a movie where there was a soundtrack of a song that was used at the beginning of a scene, but by the end a fuller arrangement of that same song had been played. I felt the same way about your song. To complete this as a project, I felt that it might be a neat idea to have someone redo this song with a stronger, but still gentle voice like yours, and a bit of an orchestral background to fill it out; then add it to the end of your song. Great potential for this song. :) In the end, I am positive that your mom would be happy and proud of you that you are now walking with the the Lord. Keep up the good work brother. Blessings, Trev. :)

My thoughts

First of all my brother I commend you for having the courage to write such an awesome song loved the song loved the message and tone of the song I pray your encouraged and that the song empowers you to continue on much love


The title is a good thought but to be totally honest, the music and the vocals really need some work....everything was like in a very s l o w pace, to the point that it was dragging and off key in every other line....if Mama was going be proud in this song, it should have sounded happy to be more believable....I would suggest you rewrite with a happy, peppy. More of an up beat tempo, so get busy rewire and make Mama Proud.

Review Brother Gene - Mama I am walking with the lord - By LaSueede

It is a real live recording and not a real studio so even if everything not is perfect. Out of tunes and rhythm doesnt matter if you can here the true message that gives a real message that follow the lord and the gospel. It is a nice follow with the harmonica. I appreciate your effort and the heart in the song but unfortunately this world is fallen into technological lies and perfection so to have a real impact to sleepers you need a real studio with drums and bass and maybe some background effects. Nice with natural sounds from our REALITY not the faked synths and blurred instruments. Thanks for your message. Regards LaSueede

Great Concept - Redemption by a Graveside

Hi Gene - I really enjoyed the heartfelt quality of your vocals on this folk Hymn to Mama. I think you should consider panning the vocals front and center - switching its position with the doleful Harmonica. In the first verse there are a couple words that have to many syllables _ "and it just seems" : consider dropping the word 'Just' - It would make the line more singable and not break the listener's attention. There is a similar problem in the Chorus - "if you could see.......the way your little boy turned out to be ..." : try rewriting those. Keep the meaning but find a better combination of words that strengthen the simple rhythm of the strum !! Be careful with the second verse Gene - you changed the pronoun and point of view from singing directly TO Mama to singing to the listener about Mama. In my opinion your message would be stronger if you keep singing and communicating directly TO Mama - i.e. " So many times I broke your heart..." the next line needs attention in that it breaks with the rhythmic pattern you have got the listener used to, and that shifts attention away from the redemption story the son is singing as he kneels at his mother's graveside. Great concept. Keep up the good work Gene. Have a great Thanks Giving. Best to you Lucis.

Deep and Heartfelt....

Deep and heartfelt. That sums this up. This sort of subject was what the mouth-harp and the human heart was made for. It plumbs a deep feeling of divinely inspired gratitude with a corresponding deep voice. And it's so real and relate-able. How many have had this same Jesus-experience in real life-experience? The very simple arrangement captures all that. I don't think I'm supposed to be reviewing production value or sound quality, but for this one, I wouldn't want to do that anyway. I am very happy I got to listen in God's Spirit today.... Mark Lajoie of Living Waters

Country folk music

This is a good country folk Christian music. good story music is good . As long as you have father God and brother Jesus. You can never go wrong. Always stay true to your music. God bless. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Very touching

The song is very touchy when I listen to it it got me to thinking about my mother and things we did I in enjoy the song very much keep writing touching and may God continue to bless you and keep already good songs for people to enjoy

Being honest

Hello love the title of the song had trouble hearing the song and understanding The Words If you put up a a version of this song that's a little louder so I can hear it I can better judge it stay blessed

Great energy

I love your energy, this song is touching and has a nice calm soothing vibe to it. Great job! The message was felt perfectly. Great song! Keep it up. Look forward to hearing more of your music!


I really like and appreciate your music I grew up listening to all. Types of music stay creative and keep on making great music and never stop being true your craft and thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors please keep me posted on any new music have a blessed evening your music is very unique stay creative


Great story telling and rhythm. Love the harmonica. Gives it a very down home feel in corporation with your voice. Sounds like you e been influenced by some down in the bayou blues singers

Mama, I'm walkin with the Lord

An honest approach to a heartfelt song. Arrangement: simple and pure, just a guitar, and harmonica. Lyrics: Nice message, let him who has ears to hear, listen with your heart. Vocals: simple and direct. soulful and sincere. Mix: Again, simple and direct. very crisp and clean. well done. Brother Gene is a honest and simplistic artist with a sincere heart......well done! Donivan
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