Seem to me this Music is apart or some Film or Video so to do review is kind off hard to do..so as a music only.I do not hear anything spectacular it is an ice tune in which You are trying to tell story..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react but as You know They are very hard to please and They almost Never taking an Instrumental Music for Publication..but go and send It to Them and let's see what will happen I wish You good luck..I like It,,

Very theatrical

This piece is nice, reminds me of something on discovery channel. I like the epic sounds that were used and the effects.I would suggest more bass and strong horns to bring it out. Still a very nice instrumental.

AA for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-)

AA for Production, Originality and Performance !!! :-) Short sweet and to the point... Sometimes less IS more... Very interesting short musical journey. The percussive effects are so sparse YET, it's entrancing. Thx for sharing your Music :-)

Instrumentos al aire...

Desde el comienzo del tema nos damos cuenta que estamos ante una canción que brilla por su originalidad y la calidad de cada instante que nos regala. Ese comienzo con un sonido de flauta avisa que escucharemos algo al menos diferente. Cada arreglo instrumental está muy bien creado consiguiendo una atmósfera intrigante y llena de un halo de magia. Con la dificultas que entraña construir un tema instrumental y logre el objetivo de transmitir emociones, este lo consigue.


I like the melody but arrangement not so much..I do not know if this is a background music for a Video or just music..is not easy to make review without video.. but as an Instrumental Music I do not hear anything special..well send It to Music Publishers and Radio ..let's see what They will say but again .I have a feeling that They will agree with me..make a better arrangement that will help a lot.. I wish You good luck with submissions..


This instrumental was cool, I feel it would do great as score music for practically anything on Bravo or E! Local commercials also, both tv and radio. I can hear it on video games too, excellent background music!

Just plain enjoyable

Terry Lee Je’s “Dig Remix” starts with sound effects like being awakened by the phone. The rhythm track comes in but what kind of drum is that? Now “Dig Remix” has my full attention. The orchestra picks up the rhythm, the music takes shape then the keyboard arrives and brings it all together. More rhythm instruments join and everything is made clear. I think if I listen a couple more times I will hear more of the message of this work. Music is creative expression and Terry Lee Je made a statement with this song. I hope there’s more to come, and I hope Terry has more to express. “Dig Remix” is expressive and just plain enjoyable.


Though the road to success is as the road to salvation A slim and narrow road paved with tribulations, Difficult these obstacles are, yet not impossible to overcome My keys to success inner strength and application of wisdom I refuse to fail I refuse to fall I will prevail I can conquer all See I wasn't always in this peaceful space It took great efforts to get where I am at in this race. The race of life where I am competing against myself To gain, peace, prosperity good health, and increase my wealth I refuse to fail I refuse to fall I will prevail I can conquer all Negative thinking has no place with me and mine It must be positive or else it's a waste of time. Time wasted serves me not, it doesn't equate with my soul I can become a better man if I continue pushing to my goal I refuse to fail I refuse to fall I will prevail I can conquer all Slowing down, will not get me to where I need to be. There is no way that I can stop my activities I want to see the fruits of my labors the work of my own hands In less than seven years reach financial independence, to be my own man. I refuse to fail I refuse to fall I will prevail I can conquer all I needn't work for someone else, increase their worth and glory That's not what I want for myself, that's not how to end my story. A Strong Family, contentment of heart, peace of mind for these I toil Work to see my hands fruition, provided for my families future, to these remain loyal I've set my head straight my path I mustn't alter A course I've set for myself I will not falter My mindset on this position Can be answered in my affirmation I refuse to fail I refuse to fall I will prevail I can conquer all and i will be here to support you. Keep On Jamming.................Dawan.......


Nice balanced track, someone could easily write a nice story telling song to your mix. Well played ,tuned and the instruments speaks for themselves. Anyone would want to write to this track, if they are a true artist,writer and arranger.......Well done!


Awesome creation Terry Lee Jenkins, I can see this mix being used in a movie or video of a suspense/military section that leads up to a change from one plot to another. I enjoyed thanks for the creativity.
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