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Boston kronik

In the country of fucking POP it is a pleasure to listen to just a punk, hard core music.Not bad at all.Sound of guitars is good and singer has a good voice for this kind of sound.I hope this band can last longer and has his public.I live in London so i know how difficult it is to play real, not plastic music where Justin is a God and Spears mother Mary.


Saludos punks brutales Respetos aquí pase a escuchar su ruido apestoso y punk con mucha actitud suenan bien carnales buena grabación las voces raspones como deben de ser carnales con todo si es el verdadero punk padrinos metales con huevos ala música carnales y sigan destrozando cráneos hasta pegarle hasta las costillar esos un gran saludo desde México brutal saludos punks no afloje. Bi fien

This reminds me of gwar

Boston Kronik has the type of attitude needed to get signed based on their envolvement in their local community concerning homeless vets.They are a tight with a very punk influenced this is very good reminds me of Punk music and Sadam a gogo by Gwar..Vintage Punk with an inspirational message instead of the normal drool from most Punk bands.Overall they are a good band and I recommend that you buy the ·album.They have the star power they just need to hone their craft and I bet they could be signed within a year

This is what you should want and expect from Massachusetts !! AWESOME !!!

This is what you should want and expect from Massachusetts !! AWESOME !!! My music, Nothing is Forever, and myself have been associated with many types of bands all across the times of Massachusetts and its hardcore, punk and Hip Hop scenes, and this band (Boston Kronik) is just what I want to hear when I see Metal/Punk rock from my area. Aggressive, Proper speed and depth, Great singer with no bullshit and pussy vocals !! This is essential today, and they do it !! Fuck off with the new age revival of bands who think they can sing like Ronnie James Dio...because they CAN'T !!! This fuckin band has bullocks, this band has brass balls ! I have already shared their stuff and I would hope others would love and appreciate them the same as I do...but most won't. That's not because they don't deserve it, but it's because people don't have appreciation for things done right in their genres, and people just don't have balls for good Punk and Metal these days. Once again, I refer back to how they have done it right !!! The vocalist reminds me of how Vocalists did it back in the day with punk and stuff, from Dave Brockie of the legendary GWAR, with his balls to the wall methods of singing punk to a good growl in his vocal chords to express darker things and anger. To bands that you would have never heard of. Yet, even bands like the DKM of Boston and others, pure attitude and upbringing done the Massachusetts way !!! Fucking Right. I could go on and on about this band. CHECK THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi mr boston i hear your song and let me tell, that theme sounds fantastic, great guitars, the voice and the rest, have great style my friends please continue with this great work, keep your sound alive.

Old School is still good.

First, this band throw me 25 years ago during the first Suicidal Tendencies albums. Drums are fantastic, full of energy and force you to headbang after 5 seconds. Really good discovering, you can share this band who deserve it. It really sound pure oldschool hardcore and guitars riff kicks your ass off^^

Great hymn!

Wow, good work. Catchy killerriffs, rude vocals and a drummer who really kicks ass. BOSTON KRONIK sound very routined in playing together as a band. I guess you folks explode live on stage - must be a big adventure to see you live. Furthermore the sound of your recording is also well done. I'm quite keen on listening to more tracks of you guys. Nice tune, nice to meet you on N1M. You've got a new fan. Keep on rocking and trashy regards from Germany!

Smashing heads

This is raw smash your head BOSTON hardcore with a stellar mix of many taang artists influenced riffs and melodies. ...a must see for fans of the eastcoast 80s90s punks and skins........for fans of .....gang green..the freeze...jerrys kids ...strawdogs.

Classic Krautrock

It reminds me of my good old Punk-days! In Germany you would rock the shit out of the Punks, awesome! I personally like the sampling, it's not common to use it. Hit me up, when you are in Germany, guys!

I Live for Today by Boston Kronik

BK knocks it out of the park with "I Live for Today". The track is arguably one of the best hybrid metal/punk songs ever written, at least in my opinion. All the elements are present - creativity, masterful playing, great lyrics and great vocals. The production is superb as everything is separated perfectly completing the overall sound. And clocking in at 2:31, it is the perfect length for a punk-metal hit. I gave "I Live For Today" four listens and each sounded better than the last. Well done Kronik, well done indeed! Five stars without hesitation.

Song review

Cool song, very uptempo and driving, song construction is very well done, song is short and to the point, no redundancy here... It fits the metal genre, and has a punk metal edge to hit, coming from certain vocal and guitar parts, the drumming is well executed and supports the overall metal feel of ''I Live For Today'', going from singing to narrative voice is a great idea and works perfectly in this song arrangement... You got me stomping my foot and tapping my desk, so keep up the driving songwriting, i live for today too...

Killer Jam

Awesome jam dude. Lots of great ideas and parts. Grinding guitar and bass lines go well with the amazing drum lines that lie beneath. It all complements true vocals that are stand alone raw. Ear food

I Love This \m/*-*\m/...

Today, we're gonna be looking at Boston Kronik's "I Live For Today" This is lo-fi, DIY Punk at its best. It's heavy, Obnoxious and Kick @ss...It almost has this grind kind of feel. I love the mix on the guitar and bass, they balance each other perfectly in the mix. The drums also slices through the mix but doesn't overwhelm the listener like most modern music can. The vocals are delivered with conviction and I love the know what it says? it says "F@ck you...", an attitude I can agree with in many ways. It's downtuned, aggro-guitar riffing, punk savagery done right...enough said Christopher Carrion xxx

I live for today

listening to Boston Kronik's I live for today is best 2 min & 28 of your life. If you like raw metal punk or hardcore at its rawest this song is for you. I give this song 5 out of 5. for being raw and awesome.

Punk: yes. Metal: not really. Progressive: nope

This is three chord punk with some samples. I like punk, i like samples, its ok. nothing special. vocals and songwriting are like million other punksongs, so why listen to these guys? I got no answer...
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