"Soren" = Cold Killer Metal

Today we will be looking at Boston Kronik's "Soren" This is the second track that I have reviewed by Boston Kronik, and again another track that is absolutely killer. The first track was a crusty-punk affair, full of hatred and aggression, so naturally I was looking forward to another track of sonic madness. Then "Soren" blows my mind by showing a whole new dimension to the band. A little Sabbath, a pinch of Cathedral and a Sh!t load of awesomeness makes "Soren" one hell of a good listen. BK have crafted a thick and meaty stew of metalness that is the perfect blending of epic and crushing. There's a little nod to Mastodon, Baroness and Ahab but it's 100% BK. Gloomy, dirty and expansive the track never loses it's relentlessness, the rhythm track is intricate and heavy, the leads enhance the rhythms and add a menacing atmosphere. Vocally, the singer nails it. He has the perfect amount of raspiness coupled with natural singing ability. Great choice of melody and delivery really keeps the listener engaged, I loved every part of this track. The production is great, I love the lo-fi sound when it's done right, and this is a perfect example of doing it right. This is an amazing piece of music and I absolutely and without reservation recommend that you listen to Boston Kronik. There is a select number of "Killer" indie Metal bands, and I would consider BK to be in that group. Musically diverse, unique sounding and talented, these guys bring the METAL! Christopher Carrion XXX

Hard edge, nice energy, rough recording

I enjoyed the guitar riffs and the overall sound, a little Queens of the Stone Age mixed with System of a Down. The energy was great, but the recording was really rough and muddy. It would help to separate out the lead riffs a little more, as well as the vocals... I couldn't entirely hear the song.




Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a heavy atmosphere and a vocal well arranged. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like any other. A very good battery and a sensational dynamics.

Great prog metal song

This is not the first song I've heard by Boston Kronik, that's why it's quite easy to write another review. The instruments carry very nice, progressive groove, with catchy harmonies. The guitar performance, including both the rhythms and solos, is well-thought and amazing. In spite that I'm not a huge fan of this style of low-pithed raspy singing (I more like high screams, belting, power metal yelling, etc.), I guess the vocals sound good enough. “Soren” isn’t a great leap from the Boston Kronik usual style but there’s enough here to suggest that the guys are trying something new. Something good, too, I believe.

a hellride to the hot feverish mountain of glory

Very sharp and solid guitars riffing their way to victory over purgatory and the bass and drum section are marching to triumphal spheres among all archangels. The vocalist takes over and pushes the hellride up to the hot feverish mountain of glory.

Rad Licks

Man that guy is shredding the phuk out of that guitar in the beginning. Love it. I wish I could go to one of your guys shows. Sounds like that crowd must be so epic. I picture nobody sitting still which is what you want in music. I went to a dead meadow concert last week which they rock but since they don't have high energy, one of the saddest crowds I have ever seen. I just don't see that happening here. I want more.

Kind of hard

It's quite hard to understand...there's a lot going on with the guitars but I like the music in general but it sounds quite mashed together...I can't really tell if it's the recording or not but maybe make it a bit more clear.


Great Stoner sound, remind me some old genre, from 80' to 90'. The song sounds good, the vocals are pretty good inserted. Nice tune on guitar, maybe too distortion or gain but probably on this genre is perfect to use that sound. Same thing for solo's. The drum sounds really clear and clean. Greetings from Italy

Your Song "Soren"

Well you definitely caught my attention with the first couple of riffs at the beginning and the progression was great before the heavy vocals.I could imagine this would be a show stopper especially loud and in your face brutal Metal playing Live. Everybody is giving it Hell on their part and I could tell you all put some thought into this onslaught that sort of reminds me of Soul Fly with an attitude. Write On~~~

Song review

Tight and heavy, that's how i like'em... Low tuning on guitars i always effiicient in the metal genre, and this song is a great exemple of what low tuned guitars are capable of, heavy and dark growl... Song construction and arrangements are well thought and keeps the listening experience captivating... Vocals could come across a little more through the omnipresent guitars, vocal melodies are airy and fit well with this song, bass guitar is there, fighting with the low tuned guitars and that's a hard task in the mixing process, the drumming is great and does a great job at uplifting every punch and accents, the drum recording production is not stellar but adequate... Great song, heavy and punchy with a dark vibe, again, excellent guitar work, nice multiple guitar layers... Thumbs up...

Boston Rocks!

Progressive, Heavy, articulate. Metal! I'm digging on the progressive vibe. I like to hear more articulation in the vocals, but that's just me. I think over all you guys are great! Look forward to hearing more!

Soren by Boston Kronik

Soren is a track by Boston Kronik that possesses some serious potential but unfortunately suffers from a bad mix. Perhaps because the track is a rough demo and the finishing touches of the production have not yet been applied. With some tweeking, this track could be a signature song of the band's repertoire - it's heavy, has some great playing and a solid vibe, but it makes you wish you could hear more vocal. My guess is that the boys will either remix or re-record Soren and produce a masterful metal hit. Props must be given as always for BK's ingenuity and musicianship as the basic structure and idea of Soren makes it potentially a diamond in the rough.

I dig this, great energy, stellar musicians!

I am enjoying this tremendously! the rhythm geetar is outstanding, nice tone... drums could use more power, 3db more on bass to pop out. the lead guitar works well, I'd put it into a chorus pedal hard panned L/R to make it move in stereo. put different distorto pedals or plug-in from of each chorus channel going to mix, it sounds like two from one player..... the vocals I'd add 2db around 1k. NICE WORK!

Made my watch list.

Digging the groove. Would love to hear a better recording of the song. \m/
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