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I loved the vocals on this song. Great harmonies and lyrics. The song has very nice rhythm guitar and I especially liked the deep vocals. Great song


I appreciate the message, but the track isn't great. It lacks passion and conviction.

It's Not What's Over The Door

Wow! I was raised on black gospel, Motown, and funk music but this kind of music has always caught my ear. No doubt you can harmonize and your voices are excellent. Only thing I can suggest is a remix. The blind is off, way too loud and certain voices are impaired. Other than that cool...

hot damn!!!

help you? for starters knock off the christian label bullshit showing how special you are and we aren't mix level is waaaaaaaay too loud love the bass guy's voice kick the rest of the posers out of the band and build an Ark around him!

Review of It's not what's over the door

Beautiful music, great voices, fantastic harmony. see you on reverbnation/taba and I will def promote your songs.. The message is beautiful and your pianist is just out of this world :) Good luck with getting on the radio and yes, it will be played!


Reminded me of a church hymn as if I was sitting in church. This was my Sunday service for today. I like how you put Jesus first. its about what's in your heart not what's over the door so true. I maybe would still go to church if they were as energetic as you guys great Job


Sounds Like a Gospel classic! Good recording overall, nice mix of vocals and music track. Would like to hear more from this group!!

It's Not What IscOver The Door MP3. - Review.

Nice ultra short intro. Very nice clear vocal and high quality voices blending into excellent duet and harmonies. Confident and energy laden voicing makes this song a good listening pleasure. Very neat beats consistently well played. Guitars, piano and other instruments well played and well blended. Very well played interlude. Lyric of good quality and of interest in its own right. Very good ending. A very good song by any standard. Very well recorded too. Very good for spiritual uplifting, listening pleasure and dancing. Will be considered good for Christian films and TV series. Very well done.
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