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I Am Redeemed

Great music, keep it up, you might also like check it out.

Nice One

Thanks for sharing this lovly piece of work Bless

hi there

Great positive song

Noche Líquida

Gran cancion muy bien cantada todas las voces suenan bien y en su lugar.. Lo demas tambien fluye muy suave. Aparte del gram comienz0 Salud2!!!


i like u your sound its nice jus reveiwed,email me....can u send me a sample for my album,ill send it back plus youll get credit for your work,pease....that sounds beautiful almost made me tear,hit me up when u get a chance,thanx man.peace

I Am Redeemed

I love the sound, well-written lyrics, great harmonies and nice arrangement. I love everything about it. Good job!

Good stuff

This song has a great message and has a great feel, but lacks uniqueness. The low vocal track would do best to be replaced with a higher harmony. The music just sounds very generic. If the spice-rack of sound that you pull from was more diverse, the words would be received much better.


im filling the sound and vibe of your music great groove its something to smoke to so this blunts for you keep up the hard work

I am Redeemed

A good song overall. The lyrics flow and hold meaning. The composition is well written and has a good melody. I feel with this song you would only reach a certain fan base. That is great if that is what you are a looking for though. Keep up the good work.

I am redeemed

Nice soft song with beautiful lyrics but that low purring vocal layer behind your regular vocals is not great. Just take it out.

I Am Redeemed

Really really enjoy this, sounds like an old song they would sing as they walked down to the river to be baptized. This is how I started in music so I really respect this

I am redeemed

It is ok. I believe the overall message is great but the song need a little work. I like the lyrics though keep writing!!

Old Gospel Feel

To me, it seems like something my grandparents would be into. It just has that old gospel vibe to it. Its great, but not my style.

keeping it real

i respect all gospel music this one i like keep it up amen


it sounds pretty good. I liket it. keep making music from your heart.
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