Bob Grubel / Rivers from the Sun / Rivers From the Sun

My review

Yes! This kind of music I always appreciate and respect! Very professional and sincere, just dissolve in the sounds .... I am very happy that listening to your music! Thank you! I'm sure to go to the page to learn more!

perfectly showed river Character

Mistery and perfect domain of tones give the best expression of the river nature character in this piece.Fast and and slow movements of the river, with the difficulty of fast movements executed at piano. The whole piece is quiet and relaxing exactly as you feel looking at one river . Peaceful sound and very good work done, expresed and played. Even the end is progressively done with very sensitive expression. I like this work.

Strange Wonders

Very Relaxing and soothing sounds but a bit spooky or better said mysterious through out the entire song. Took me to a place of strange wonders.I did enjoy the piano playing, I would easily say that the piano is the relaxing and soothing part of this music piece, Congratulations and continue on being inspired.

Very sweet

When piano started and development took its own musical way, it was great. A touch of jazz harmony and at same time a flow of newage melodie with a suntuos arrangement and effect all made a wonderful song to listen.

Just Amazing

I have to say I really enjoyed my visit to your page. Your music is so relaxing and powerful. I'm looking forward to the next journey your music is taking me. Rivers From the Sun is one of my favorites so far. Your music has so much to offer, so thanks for creating these wonderful pieces of music.

Christo's Review

I like the free structure of this song and the concept of your works at all - it's clear, not to long, not complicated and cool! To give you also a new idea: you could try to put some brass instruments into the synth-string... :) Greerings! Christo

Deep inspirational work

Mr. Grubel music seems to me it's deeply involved into inspiration. I wish I could have the entire album. Very good balanced, brillant, and seems he truly knows who is him. He's telling his story withot any glittering. I felt really him. Maybe If you listen to it on a superficial way, you are loosing the great insight knowdgment of him. And technically he don't use a note more or less, If you listen clearly seems a very intense experience at least for me. I resume saying that for me it's an admirable work and really deserves to be listened with all your senses and perceptions very wide open, and you'll find there a insightful very rich testimony of life.

Nice sound

I enjoy your sound a lot. I like the ambience & structure. Beautiful melodies with illustrious vibes. I can feel the essence inside. I'm very happy listening to this & also a bit tired. It's calm for the soul.. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Noyek Eel


Such a relaxing piece. Has a calmness that's inviting to the soul. This kind of music frees your mind. Love the ambience, makes me wanna go down by the river. Great for your laid back collection of hits. So if you have a chill playlists, then this goes on it. It's mediative.

Rivers From the Sun

Very impressive theme. Correct combination of instruments. Loved the low pad sound. Great jazzy piano melody. Track mastering isn't good, There is distortion on low frequency in the second part, also I want to raise high frequencies on whole track to give him more air and brilliancy. Anyway it is a masterpiece.
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