You're The One

graet intro, i'm in feeling with it; great voice, very catchy the melodic of the voice and the refrain is really beatiful; i feel your song;when a melody or something in the song keeps the mind of the listener , it is the most important thing, because he then say “i buy”; well performed and produced i feel great the use of the dtrings and the guitar; very pleasure song. Bravo!

You are the one

I believe songs like these will keep rock music alive for ever. Nice starting riff, nice melody, perfect singing and professional production makes this one a song to remember. Congratulations.

True Music

This track is hot! the strings sets this track of along with the good arangement of the song. Keep up the good work

love it

the song was HOT!!! I really love the vocals & the guitar. the vocals were really on point. the tone, timing, everything. it sounds like you are very experienced. the sound quality is good & the band is great.

You're the one

Nice job folks good all around sound and prodution!

You're The One

Thanks to the violins it doesn't sound like a thirteen in a dozen radiotrack. Be carefull for that guys, try to make a "new" sound. Other than that it's a well played track, I could really hear you on the radio :) Mix is good, I'd like to hear the drums a little more.

You're The One

Yes guys you have a realy nice song, nice harmony and vocal. very well mixed. Well done

Review of "You\re The One" by RCB

Very polished. The lead singer sounds a little bit like Burton Cummings from the Guess Who. Nice work.

You're the One

Lush, full and seductive. This sounds well mixed and well produced. The vocals are fabulous and easy to fall into. The song has a sound of unrequitedness in the proclamation of love. Well done.


Great job ! Nice voice, good violins ... The drums need more "life".
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