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The sound is good I love southern rock I like it mixed up sounds like yall been playing a while it's got That unique sound peace an listen to Missouri Mud music I'll pass yours on thanks for letting me listen

Replace the drummy please

A melancholic song with quite some beautiful and atmospheric moments, carried by a lead voice that creeps under one's skin. Only thing that I don't like is the drums part. There are far too many unnecessary gimmicks in here, and the sound of the snare is way too flat, there's no punch in it at all. It sounds lifeless and thin. I think you should hand this one over to a real drummer who limits himself to clear and senseful breaks while maintaining a straight grrove pattern with rimhots in the verses and full snare in the chorus. Maybe the bass line could be reshaped then as well. This one needs a little more groove.


Thoughtful lyrics that most people will relate to. Tells a story that most bands/artists will understand. Production/mastering could've been alittle better but the levels on instruments are good, you could hear everything. Layering of instruments and performances are great. Singer has a nice tone to his voice, just wish they did more (production wise) to it. This song is good and this band sounds like they have tons of potential, can't wait to hear more from them.

Pretty country ballad great lyrics

The guitars are exquisite in this lovely country ballad. Vocals are warm as honey similar to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, The drums and piano add a nice touch. The lyrics are touching and tell a great story. A great song to slow dance to in a bar. BK Gray is a star in the making. The composition is like the Eagles meets Blake Shelton with a touch of Hank Williams.

nice tune

very audible an clear. decent production and structure. I am not much a country fan, but vocally it has feel. probably could use a little more pizazz in delivery but fine otherwise. not too long either.

Good effort

For anybody to take the initiative to record a song they wrote takes courage. I listened to the lyrics of this one and am for one, glad BK Gray chose to record this song. I would certainly consider at one point recording this true country ballad. I would offer a slight bit of advice though--one, which I have learned from others. You might be able to trim the beginning of the tune down to get it as close to the magical mystical 4:00 min mark--just a suggestion. Good job.

NO ONE IS LISTENING - Review by Lora Stanley

Hauntingly beautiful melodic flow with a perfect combination of instrumentation. The introduction draws you in and keeps you throughout the song. The listener can hear the pain through the lyrics. Great verses, great chorus, great bridge! In the production, the music overpowers the vocals so it is a little hard to hear/understand all the words to the song. I like the scratchy sound of the vocalist, but with the right mixing mastering, you can clean up the vocals to make it radio ready (if it were my song and I was wanting to pitch it for commercial use). I don't know what your goals are, whether to be an artist in your own right, or just to get your music out there, but if I were you, I would first do a diagnostics through MUSIC XRAY and see if it has potential other than the production, then do another professional demo ($750.00-$3000.00) to clean it up and pitch it for commercial use. You have a great song and I think you should exploit it. Good luck, friend! Lora

Super Country

A real country song - sung with feeling by the vocalist BK Gray. The band are excellent musicians with a good tight sound and a style that is binding them to the Southern styles of Country music and Southern Rock. So good to hear bands like this in the day and age of groups of singers who do not play any instruments. Keep it country guys because you are 100% country music through and through. Kind regards from Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management here in London England.

nice country

nice dreamy intro with cool electric guitar and acoustic mix, this is very country old school sounds a bit like Kenny Rodgers or willie nelson, its well produced and arranged, the song moves steadily with a storyline it needs a lift somewhere it plods along but for me it needs another section or something more to take it to another place, it s good if you like country but for me its not doing enough its a bit to plain, the singer has a nice husky cowboy country voice, the strings are nice in the background the drums are well relaxed and play out well , , i wish you all the very best with this and good luck with everything

No One Is Listening

I love your song very much. The vocals are touching me, guitar playing is full of my taste. This song has a warm atmosphere/mood and it fills my heart. Mix-Mastering is glassclear. I am not English-speaking, so my review cannot be so long. But it is written with heart for your wonderful song with much feeling.

There is subtlety in what you don't hear...

BK Gray brings us No One is Listening. An allegory to the past and wishing of things not achieved. This is a twist to your typical "tear in my beer" type of country song. It seems to be more about a life not quite unrequited but clearly unsatiated and unsated at the very least. In terms of a song itself, it isn't really all that inspiring, however from a production standpoint there was a great deal of space and separation within the mix and the dynamic range is well above the standard offering of these days. What was executed was done with precision... that much stood out clear as a bell.


A gentle opening. The texture of the sounds support the mood just right and it is a well constructed song. The in-between riffs suit the song well and give added interest. The melody of the chorus is good and some harmonies and/or background vocals over the chorus would help distinguish the chorus from the versus and drive the song home there. I think that would give it a nice boost.

No One Is Listening

This is not the first song I have listened to by this group. The song itself is a good melody and has pretty good lyrics but I am not sure whether the lyrics as they are will be commerical. As I gathered it's a song about a song writer who writes a song for someone they care about but is persuaded that no one will listen to it. It is'nt necessarly a love ballad nor is it a gimmick tune. To me it is somewhere in between. The tracks are nicely arranged and executed to fit the mood of the song. The vocals are pretty good but in places seemed to need a a little more polish. Having said that the vocal is unique in it's sound and delivery and with enough exposure would become distinctive. That's a good thing in the entertainment field. Take the uniqueness of something and hone it. Thats how the vocal should be treated. The mix was a nice blend of instrument and vocal but leaving room to make a good lyrical delivery. I don't really have a thought about the overall product to make any solid recommendation for enhancement anywhere except to add some backup voices in places to enhance the vocal even more. Finally the rendetion maybe could be shortened some by dropping a chorus somewhere in the arrangement. I think leaving it shorter may create an urge for some to want to hear more of it again if that makes sense. All in all its a number that folks can enjoy listening to. I know I did. Nice job Guys.

No one is listening.

I really like the tone and uniqueness of your voice. The lyrics and concept of the song touched me a lot, because I have felt this way about a lot of songs I have written. The music was tight, and produced very well. I am not good enough to give any constructive criticism, if any is needed. I enjoyed your song.....

good song

it sounds by the lyrics that this is a personal song and meaning to you thumbs up i wish you nothing but the best from here on out for u and your band take a look around my bands page thanks
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