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Cool stuff really getting to the way it should be .. doing your thing as you want that's exactly how I feel it should be keep doing what your doing that's what I would say. Look forward to listening to more stuff from you

Bad day review

Hey guys the music was good and tempo moved right along , instruments were in time and blended into the over all scheme of the song, Vocal good but would have liked a little up in the clearity, not bad but I do not hear that good and seemed volume was lacking just a bit but I recommend this tune it is good through out and worth the time to listen to and don't just do it once it grows on you. Take the time to get to know whats making those sounds and enjoy. Nice guys.

Bad Day on the Good Side of Town

Hi there BK. The instrumental sound track seems solid and quite clean. Sorry to feel the need to say this, but would you consider either honing up on your vocal skills, have someone else take over in the lead vocal, or re-doing the song on a better day where your throat is not as affected as it was for this recording? There are quite a few places through-out the song where the lead is either flat or sharp. I do like the "worn" sound of your voice but for commercial acceptance the pitch does require attention. As much as I don't like to hear about sad stories in a song, the story line seems to flow respectfully. Harmonies seemed tight. This could be a great song. Blessings, Trev. :)

Very catchy hook

Ok the intro is too long .The singer has an interesting voice, but is not always in tune and If there is a guitar solo in a song I'm expecting a little bit more from the guitarist. I like the voicing of the mandolin that gives something special to song and the hook is great and catchy. The song would be worth to work on a better recording.


I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me, they will also like it and i just shared it on my fb. How to buy your album on google play?? Ive been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, Im eager to hear more...thanks I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me, they will also like it and i just shared it on my fb. How to buy your album on google play?? Ive been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, Im eager to hear more...thanks

New for me!

Love it!! Even thou im not really into country music this I really like. I can put this on to turn my bad day around. YOUR VOICE IS WONDERDUL!! I would love to hear it to some blues music or even R and B

Impressive hook!

Bad day on the good side of town, is not only a good hook but gives great potential for a call to action song. I'll share advice given to us years ago. To capture the attention of the audience the shorter the intro the better...in fact intro's longer than 5 seconds can drive them away! So use Caution in arrangement. I personally felt torn between the timing and beat progression and the lyrical content. Possibilities are endless...GOOD LUCK

My review on Bad Day on the good side of town

I like this song A lot. Nice storyline, chord changes, Melody and some instrumental hooks Within. I think the lead break is maybe a bit too long but more importantly the intro is certainly too long before the vocals start. As you are most likely aware of in the music industry A&R makes their decisions to pass or accept within 20 seconds I don't think the vocals start within that time frame. And they don't accept the song based on the intro unless it's something like Satisfaction or Honky Tonk Women by the Stones. For a life performance no problem. I think it's worth repeating that in the music industry music industry players never really listened to the entire song they base their past or accept within 20 seconds. I hope you find this helpful and wishing you the very best with the song

Hello from Jerzy...

You will be surprise.. but this song bring back memory of Polish Famous Song sung by "Skaldowie"...any haw...I like the melody and arrangements... but vocal part has to be "work out" in my opinion...( some notes are of The Tune )...this is why I gave only 3 stars...if You will correct that it will be at list 4.5....Jerzy..

Great song!

Wow! I love the chord progression on this! The beat keeps you motivated to listen! Lyrics are strong and catchy. Instrumentation is well placed in the mix, harmony vocals are very tasteful! I think you've got great potential with this one!

Not a bad day at all!

Really like the intro and the groove, it's fresh and catches the ear right away. The vocal warbles a little but the lyric is kind of cool. The tale of redemption for a woman who has had a rough time is a nice viewpoint. The bridge breaks it up nicely. Enjoyed the guitar solo and all the performances are solid. This wouldn't sound out of place in Asbury Park. Great working man's hero type of band and one I'd be sure to check out if they came around. Thanks guys and best wishes!

Bad Day On The Good Side Of Town

LOVE LOVE THIS SONG... Gets my blood pumping and really like your voice. Love the Lyrics and would definitely purchase this song. Its got a different feel from others and has its own. Would rate this song #1 for sure. Love the rhythm and the guitar instrumentals. Keeps me interested and mind moving. Great song to listen to for sure.

It maybe a bad day but this is a great song!

Love the story telling in this song and the emotion in the voice of the singer. I am definitely going to have to listen to some more of your stuff. This is absolutely my cup of tea! Keep up the great work.


What a nice catchy tune! As soon as those first notes came in, I was Dancing! I love the lyrics and the vocals are perfect creating that classic country vibe. I can tell from the lyrics that the song is based on a personal experience and I can hear the emotion in your voice when you sing it. It’s so beautiful. Keep on rocking dude!

Makes me want to get in my car and drive.

Really really good. The riff, the words, the hook....I love the guitars, well mixed, Something I would purchase from a "name" artist. The writing has a very good hook, transfers into the bridge is seamless. I wish you all the luck with your music.
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