Young Pals Music / Pop / "Hard Times" by Randy Jones featuring Emre Yilmaz (A2B-Epic Extended Disco Hustle Chalante Mix)

Masterful fusion track

At about seven and a half minutes, this song is pretty long for the pop genre! Remember: "radio-ready" is generally considered to be between three and five minutes. Have you considered making a "radio edit" of this song? Just a suggestion. Anyhow neat use of guitar. This reminds me a little bit of the music duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. There also some disco influence in here, am I right?

Flamenco disco

Absolutely love this track. I would definitely dance to this if I’m out. The track has a nice mix of all the classic disco elements. From the string layers to the female harmonics. Well produced and mixed. And the flamenco influenses would make Boney M jelous for not discovering them. A great mix if styles I had yet not heard of before this song.

ball of fire

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Equalization mixing and mastering

When initially turning on the song you get hooked to the beat. However once the lyrics come on it's realised that the words don't match the up beat so you are lost as to what the song is about. It is suppose to be disco but it turns sounds like a reggae salsa combo with disco undertones. The beat is catchy but you can hardly hear the words. Then when you do hear the words all you hear is the repeated "Hard Times". Wish I could hear the rest of the lyrics more clearly. This could easily be a dance song if the equalization was adjusted correctly. I would suggest mixing and mastering it so you can get the full effect of the song. However even through all of this there is nothing wrong with the vocals.

Hollé !

Hello! Yes, well ... this hispanicist music is strangely lacking originality. The recording does not seem to me to be of very good quality: it "pump" throughout the piece of music ... There are really no variations throughout the composition; the musicians are certainly of quality, but we have difficulty in perceiving who makes what. There are too many "clichés" in this composition; castanets, rif of violins which date the 70s. Well, as you see it, I do not like too much this music that we heard everywhere, and who, here, is strangely lacking originality. See you soon!

Love the vibe of this !

Love the vibe of this ! It begs listening from the very start. Nice recording and production. As a production /performance note, watch pitch on lower parts ( especially) of lead vocals. I really enjoyed listening to this 3Xs. LOVE the guitar and the strings work... Stellar, honest, and clean !!! I LIKE IT ! Keep the Music coming !!! Best regards :-)

Young Pals Music Review

The guitar intro is STELLAR! After that, I love the sound, I love the guitar work, I might not have used the string arrangement but it still works. This is so different and infectious, you want to dance and you don't care about song categories. I would shorten the song to make it more radio friendly and keep the attention of today's music listener. The more I hear it, I would DEFINITELY remove the strings. if you're going to used the arrangement, it should be another instrument. It kind of dates the sound. It gives it a bit of our 70's vibe. That being said, sounds great. Love the solos!


It’s not the first time that I gonna review this song, but I really like it! This is one more amazing production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page, like I said before. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really, really well done and I have to congratulate you on it again. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB

Unique pop music track!

Great music starts off with engaging rhythm and this song is really remarkable. Grabed me right from the start. I really like the introducing with spanish acoustic guitar. All the way from stanza and bridge to the chorus accompaining brilliant flamenco guitar sound which also playing a main role in the backround of this composition. The leading vocal of the American Music Award Winner Randy Jones dominates this great mixture from these pop and dancefloor music inspiring track. The co-producer Sahin have dragged all register of world music genre. The beat of powerful drums forcing the the music constantly. These studio recording unleashes the imagination. All instruments are really where they should be on a track of this quality. The lyrics from the songwriter Bernadette O’Reilly comes from the heart and touches the soul. An impressive arrangement much more creative than others influenced by world music in perfect orchestration. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure, you will like to add! Let others know your recommendation.

It sounds good !

L'intro nous place à l'intersection de plusieurs styles. Le chorus du début avec les voix est cool mais un peu long. Le vocal du premier couplet manque un peu de rythme et de conviction mais tout se replace au second couplet. Les backvocals des femmes sont super. Bon beat. Le refrain « Hard Times... » est vraiment cool et l'utilisation da la guitare classique-flamenco s'avère un choix judicieux. La toune est un peu longue par contre. Un remix plus court et condensé pourrait trouver sa place sur les ondes de quelques radios. Nice work ! Marc

Excellent Song!!

I really like this track. It has many interesting points. The bass gives this groovy line and sounds really good. There is a great dynamic throughout the song with changes and some additional instrumental break with guitar or violin that brings an extra originality to this number. The voice is really cool as well as the back singers giving this disco vibe. Awesome job really!!

Long introduction poor vocal

Track builds like a TV show intro, at that point the track was suitable for such a use. When the vocal hits it mentions hard times, hits the nail on the head 1 this is the part of the song which hits hard times l. The Saturday night hook works , although not my style can see this being used but would go back to the drawing board and re work the track - far too long in into and general production.


Curiosa mezcla usando una rumba, está bien pero lo estropea la voz masculina, no porque esté mal cantado si no porque ya que hace una mezcla de rumba "aflamencada", creo que a la voz masculina debería ser más flamenca y realmente parece casi como cantan en el norte de áfrica. La canción me gusta, pero aquí el flamenco se vive día a día pues vivo en la cuna del flamenco y me resulta chocante, pero está bien en general y la mezcla con las voces femeninas me parece muy buena. Curious mix using a rumba, it's fine but it spoils the male voice, not because it's badly sung but because it makes a mix of rumba "aflamencada", I think the male voice should be more flamenco and really seems almost like they sing in the north of Africa. I like the song, but here the flamenco is lived day by day because I live in the cradle of flamenco and I find it shocking, but it is good in general.

Sound like....

Sound like Gypsy Kings.... one of My beloved brings back memory..I'm happy that You bring that music back....You are almost there....but need some was a Great Pleasure to listen....Good Job... Jerzy...

Good work

Really catchy melody, good guitar work, good main vocal and really good and harmonies. Overall the sound is good, you can hear the vocals so instrument track isn't too loud, good balance. keep up the good work.
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