Young Pals Music / Pop / Let's Spend This New Year's Eve At Home" by Christi Bauerlee

Party Song

A fun-to-listen-to party song, perfect for the New Year's Eve dance floor. Blast your speakers and whirl around to this happy track. Slight country feel to it, too, so wonderful for line-dancing as well.

Young Pals Music "Let's Spend New Years Eve At Home"

It is a pleasure to review this song. I love the happy, punchiness (for lack of a better word), of this number. I also love the singers voice and how it stands out from the rest of the mix. She also has a happy sounding voice and does a great job on the delivery. The mix is perfect, they timing is perfect and the whole project is fantastic. Highly recommended for everyone.

Take me there

Song is very well put together. Love the music. The writer had a good use of word association. Musicians also played well. Singer has an amazing voice. I do wish her vocal had been brought up a bit more in mix. Drums are up close. The melody is very similiar to that of many Christmas Tunes. Over all job was very well done. Hope to hear more from this Artist. Please feel free to visit my site and review "One Single Rose". Keep up the good work. Singer/songrwriter/ Michelle Storm. Publisher and owner of Platinum Storm Records. Have a fun and safe holiday season.

New Years Eve song

This is a cute and catchy tune with good lyrics. This would be a good song for radio during the Christmas season. I think it would go over well and possibly become a classic. There aren't too many songs about New Years.

Happy New Year

The song has a unique sound for the holidays. Good tempo and chord progression. Vocals are pretty good but seem to be the same run during the song. Very catchy tune and has great potential.Trying to be fair in this review because it takes courage to go into a studio and present a song to the world. Not ready for commercial radio but certainly for around the house cleaning or washing the car!

This New Years Eve

What a great song so professionally recorded.A catchy tune that really moves along giving the immediate feeling of wanting to dance.The lady's voice definitely suits the song as far as pop rock and the lyrics capture and discribe the festive season so well.The music is well balanced and well thought out and the instruments are well chosen.The blend of the percussion, keyboards, strings and brass are really great and the musicians have done their job so well. This tune should become an evergreen every festive season. I love it, I hope this review is helpful and every success in your music career..Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au

Holiday Perfect!

Young Pals Music on the New Years Eve song did a great job! Christmas and New Years' are on the way again and this song is perfect for the holiday season. I am always looking for new fresh holiday songs that are uplifting and inspiring. I loved your voice and always listen to the content of the song, this one was well written...well done! Keep up the good work you are awesome!


Clear vocals on key. Peppy tune. Popular theme. Doesn't sound like an ancient singer. Tune and vocals match. Instrumentals match tune and vocals. Needs more of a hook. Very wordy. Sounds like other Christmas like songs that I've heard on the radio.

Great Song

Nice song love the lyrics and creativity keep pushing stay motivated and stay focus and you will go far i can see you moving up in this industry so keep up with the greatness... Also please visit my page and listen to my newest single "House Party" also dont forget to share and recommend please Thanks

Good tune

I love the music but had a really hard time understanding the lyrics, even after playing it several times. The volume of voice seems like it drops 40-50% after the first few words. It’s catchy, and I think with a little more work on vocals it can go places. Hope this helps.

Kenneth Warner

Great job a good holiday song and it sounds great keep up the good work and check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime and our Band Suthern Accent Band Hope to hear more songs in the future

Lets Spend This New Years Eve At Home

Hey, just wanted to say that this was a very refreshing way to introduce a brand new Christmas song. What a great beat, and really enjoyed the energy that was put forth. Good for you, this is one rocking song. All the very best to you for future great songs, and best wish's for a really great career. Thanks so much for sharing this song, I listened to it a good few times, and enjoyed it each time I listened. Cheers

Young Pals

Every now and then I am pleasantly surprised by music that stands out on N1M. Your arrangement is nicely done. Your vocals are right on and the harmonies are in the right place. To be really honest I believe with proper exposure this track will go really far. The only critique I have is the mix could be a little more crisp. I would bring the vocals up a tad bit more and the horns should have been a bit louder in the mix. This in my opinion would give a nice call and answer effect between the accent horns and the vocals. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on such a nice song.


Let's Spend This New Year's Eve At Home is a strictly country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in country style and even the singer has a country voice as I said everything recalls the country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Let's Spend This New Year's Eve

Greetings to whomever. Musically, this is a great song. A great job has been done with all voices, music, and the mixing. All of the words used seem to be chosen with care, and henceforth seem to flow effortlessly and gracefully. Great job. I am a Christian, so I do tend to watch for the message within the song as well. There is so much of the "let's shack up" with no commitment going on that is troubling to me in this day and age, and so because of the wording, it is not clear to me whether you are singing about a one night stand for New Year's Eve, or of the desire for a married couple to forego the big party scene and stay home to spend New Year's Eve together. I do believe that everybody in the public eye, especially musicians, have a huge responsibility to help groom society in a healthy way. Have a great day, and may God lead you in your musical journey. :) Blessings, Trev.
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