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Y'all was on dat hoe bro bro #SaluteDat. I like your wordplay and delivery, you guy's blend well on the track. One thing I will say is this is one of the best songs I've heard on this site so far so #Salute for that one. Overall though I think the mix sounds pretty good, though it could've been a tad better. It is a good song though also, if it was original the production was pretty good, it was a good collaboration overall. #KeepPushin

True story

The hate is most definitely real especially in the music business and the mirror the business we become the transetters for this generation I respect the your aim on this piece nice punchlines as well


Im really feeling the energy this song brings out ...The Quality is good ,the lyrics and concept is on point...The Collaboration sounds like it's chemistry there and the beat is smooth, i fucks with the beat..

Good music

Yoo Axel Foley you snapping man keep doin ya thing keep yo voice heard stay up on your grind stay focus on your hustle and p&q’s it’s tuff in this field but you got it with this 1 #Hate Tho stay positive ✊????

G thing levels way way up if they ain't talking moola keep them ear buds on

Word your lyrics reflect your hustle in the streets and its organized kinda elevating inspirational verses you buss about the grind how you kept the money coming in while they haters were hating tryna bring you down. Brings me to those days when dirty south rap was run by Trae n the others like T.I. keep your game tight don't let them move you not a bit


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real


dope dope dope Dope Great song, good sound and please never stop doing music you might become greatest musician ever. I know making your music to be on top of the world is not easy because am also a musician, it takes hard working to be on top of the world so work hard, grind hard even if it seems like your music is not gonna work, even if life is giving you hard times, you are true gifted, you are real talented Bless up Hope

Hater repellent

Sounds like a hit. The track is a banger and the artists do a great job of lacing the track. The style of flow kind of reminds me of future. It's more of an adult track but with a radio edit it's a chart topping radio killer.

E$co word

Good mixing and sound bro fucc wit the hook and concept of this joint this is tough cuzo.. Hmu escokingrich@gmail fwm I'm outta NC but we puttin on eveywea we step.. Checc out my page cuzo fwu RICH Blocc Records / Earbourne Records

Hate tho.

Joint is nice i enjoyed it. Wanted to listen to whole song to see where it was going. Volume kinda low. Boys definitely got talent.I would give em a 7 out of 10. Nice topic, title is good, chorus is nice, keep up the good work guys!

Free Mayne Media Review

I like the song and the energy it has... so from a listeners perspective I think it would sound great live and I like the message because ive been thru simular things... I ike the delivery too... From an engineers perspective... I can tell that the stems werent used in the mix... The auto tune speed and note transition is kinda short so it makes it hug right onto the note instead of graduall making its way there naturally during a few hundred miliseconds like a person would naaturally singing... See the trick to auto tune or tuning vocals in general is for it to tighen up the performance... to do so transparency is key... Try increasing your tuning speed and note transition and edit phrase by phrase rather then tune a large segent at a time and you will get super clean results... Next I would get the stems and get this mixed professionally... I like your style, keep making good music! I gave you four stars cuz of the mix... But its a good song none the less! Cheers!


This slapss whith more then one s really good sound future sound but what ever gets buzz dont stop keep working and understand that patience is key write every chance u get ifs well worth it with the right sound

Great music salute

I had to come give props to your movement. The song is top shelf indeed in all aspects production, vocal, and mix/master i cant say enough about the project hope to come across you in the future for possible colabs ill keep supporting the movement best of luck fam !!! CHS GDot

No Hate.....All Love!

Real shit tho I ain't got nothin bad ta say.... This song ta me is off the meat rack.... Top shelf no lie..... I hear B.I.G mixed with some Do Or Die on some true underground shit crafted with the game that only the best from the CHI can deliver ...... It took me back but kept me here... Great song!

Hate Tho

You have a sound that seems as if your voice has been screwed up or your Vibe is lean related. The hook isn't bad it may be crowded as some parts or the beat needs a little more something in it. The beat is nice as a nice vibe to it the mix could be better. I do appreciate the song though I appreciate the vibe it reminds me of somebody I can't put my hands on it right now but keep working.
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