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Five stars in the air

good song. Needs more chorus in the background .


Nice 1 I like it ,keep up the good work you can send me more of your songs invite me on facebook streetleague and you can follow me on


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5 staaaaz

rhy gtr too loud drums too low chorus bass needs to be moving double time too sluggish


Music was okay i like it I think you could have said more to this and brought more energy but i support any music tho.

Review of "Five stars in the air.."by Rosie Jackson

The music production need work on this is a beautiful natural song with breath taking lyrics. The vocalist brought this song to life just like a river on a calm day the music should have been even flow soft and smooth. I love the engery and how the vocalist kept his emotion in control. Once again this is Raw talent thank you all and musician take it slow and let the singer lead I do this all the time when I sang. St. Louis, Mo.

review from Broken project;-)

wll thats a good song,,,good voise and the intro,,nice followd of a better choros,,great;-) and when i thougt it was over you did a bridge...Wow,perfect. If a have somthing negative to say it is,,the bas seams to far awway,more precens needed..jaust becors of that I thing the guitar becoms to laoud sometimes..I think the solvasion is more bas?;-) ceep one trying,,your on the right track;-) great song,,,goog singin;-) Im a sing and songwriter myself,,sorry if ther is some bad spelling:

Five Stars in the Air

This song has a very good uplifting feel to it.The timbre of the music is very bright and musically pleasing.The vocals convey the musical feeling of the song very well,however the lyrics are not easily understood in their entirety.Thus the complete message of the song is not completely understood,although certainly not totally obscured either.The songs dynamics provide a nice contrast to form a very moving and beautiful melody line.The musicianship in the song is very well done and evokes an overall pleasure to experience.
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