Arpa D. / All around us / Looking around


well performed song; i like the refrain very melodic and italian; i feel it;when a melody or something in the song keeps the mind of the listener , it is the most important thing, because he then say “i buy”. great voice and arrangement; well done: bravo!!


A beautiful piece of pop music in Italics. Very good singer. The arrangement is also good. Unfortunately I don't understand the lyrics, that would be important for this track. The song is finished professionally! Good work.

passionate vocals

this is very good!...nice the way that the music moves under the vocals...i love the production...each instrument is represented very well,equal in the overall mix...this should be heard of luck to you


VERY NICE SOUND.COMFORTABLE TO LISTEN TO. Your vocal is very good and soft which blend in lovely with that beautifull melody. This must be a love song,i think!! My complement to you, and thanks for this nice song. PS: Nice melody and wish you all the best.

Arpa D 'Guardati'

Although I didn't understand a word, I found this song very easy to listen to. The vocalist's voice is very good with a great range and control. The production is accomplished and polished. The song itself has plenty of dynamics, starting from an acoustic guitar and vocal introduction and building to a very catchy chorus! A pleasant pop song with loads of feeling and great playing! I just wish I knew what he was saying! Good job and i wish you well in your musical career!!

very romantic

Hey I like this song, sounds very romantic even I don't understand a word.
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