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Not a bad dream at all

This delightful track is entitled "Un mal sueno," which means "A Bad Dream" in Spanish. I was expecting to hear something sad or conflicted with a title like this. But the music is a smooth groove of rhythm, bass, synthetic strings, and nice vocals, with a light touch. I picture dancing to this music, on a patio open to the sky, with a view of the beach, late in the afternoon. Drinks are served and the women are beautiful. Around the house, it's the kind of music I could have in the background as I'm doing light chores, that would keep my mood and my energy up. The music says "life is good." I recommend this tune to anyone who doesn't mind feeling good.

The Vanihs message

As you know the music industry it's getting hard this days, you have about 5 minutes to deliver a message and the first 40 sec, you have to get the attention of the people with the melody the rhythm of the tune the sound of the Guitar or the Voice or something! and you know what? I did not get that feeling at all! I got lost! , something important it's missing in your music! Don't get me wrong!, but the truth my friend I got bored! and I don't know why? Your words so soft and sweet, dude I'm guessing? Sorry about that !, but Is my answer in your heart or in your eyes? Salud! God Bless you! Ponxo D' Cannella.

Good Style easy listening

I like the style and it was a fine recording. You might want to have more of a bridge or lead section. All-in-all I liked it A special d type of easy listening music that would be popular in certain venues. Wish you luck in your endeavors enjoy the music. Dave

Nice mix

From the beginning of this song it captures the attention of the listener. Memorability, That is good for radio airplay. You have a very good smooth voice which is easy on the ears. Your lyrics are good and easy to understand.I like your mix of instruments and how your song feels, It is an uplifting tune. You did a good job on this tune. A stellar performance. Keep up the good work.

Very nice and remarcable song about our society - Un mal sueno

Antonio Prió Rivacoba got a point when he talks about our unbalanced and crazy society. He points out the strange ways we deal with our lives, many times pretending to be someone else. So, with a smooth composition he calls us to say that we are being fooled by our society and tries to waken us saying we should listen to our reason. He says we are at a carrousel that in the end turns into sadness. Very nice song.

Un tema de la leche

Ya veo que estás en la cresta de la ola, macho. Yo todavía no domino mucho ésto. Te voy siguiendo . Que lástima que en nuestros tiempos no hubiera tantos canales para difundir la música. Mola bastante, la verdad. Un abrazo

Un mal sueno

Very excellent song. I felt happy listening to this song. It carried me along to a better place where life is carefree and happy. Wonderful composition and instruments as well as singing great. I highly recommend this song if you want to feel better about life. Nice song and I will listen to it again. - JC And The Sunshine Band.

Heart Opening

A very smooth & relaxing composition with hints of a party (fiesta) feel. The melody is soft & sweet & the production is clear & crisp. The back up vocals are also very clear with very nice harmonies. A heart-opening song for sure.

Antono Prio Rivacoba My Review!

Hi even I had some trouble understanding the lyrics I could tell this was a nice song ad it was song well I am sure this will get a lot of attention in the country you are located in and around the world with that being said I also do a english version I hope I have said something in this review that will help you good best wishes from J.Milligan New Experience Records/Universal Music Group.

Un Mal Sueno Antonio Prio Rivacoba

I make no apologies for my preferences for my music choices to be absolute live and including the performances of each player int he production of the song as well as my preferences for Live performance recordings. That being said, I do respect what some excellent artists and producers do with electronic music, when they take the time to do it perfectly as does Antonio Prio Rivacoba so far in every song of his that I have found and listened to on number one music. He is a master at his craft, and this song lays some nice vocals over the electronic background of synths and percussion machines even though that is not my preferred personal favorite for music. Artists like Antonio have proven that there is a market for their style of music and I have no problem with that. I wish you all the success you can generate for your hard work. Tom Wiggins and da boys in da band Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band "Where we make every performance a live one" not always perfect but we strive for warmth, high energy, and emotion in our sound


Nice sounds! Makes me dance..World music.. Did you do all of this solo?. I like listening to different music.. I just wish I spoke and understood your language! Lol.. Best wishes and Happy Holidays

Love it!

Love the groove. It puts me in a good mood. Nice job. Sweet and catchy. Clean separation, really a nice mix/master job. I wish I knew the language so I could know what the song was about... But not knowing that, actually adds to the charm of this tune.

A bold take on a classic style.

I was impressed by the ability to be bold with the transition areas of the song. The harmonies were spot on. The pan flute and the reverberated chorus sound was refreshing to hear as many artists don't use flutes or horns anymore. In some areas it would have been nice to hear a reverberated bass with some more significant velocity changes to create a sense of independence. All in all o think it was a well composed, well produced well crafted song.
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