Aníbal Raposo / Mar de Capelo / Onde caçar versos (where to look for the verses)


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Fado has found verses - and fans

Good arrangement and so sad vocals. This is FADO like FADO should sound. I don't know if this instrumentation is typical, but it sounds very good. This song transfers me to Lisboa. Tip: Look to the city from Chapitô and listen to this music.

sempre bravissimi

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Refreshingly original!

I loved everything about that song. The arrangement is inventive, yet pleasing and catchy. The clarinet is an often shunned instrument in pop music, yet it is such a distinct voice and used to perfection here. Anibal’s voice is obviously very experienced and well modulated. I cannot say anything about the lyrics—I don’t speak a word of Portuguese—but I did not find that distracting in any kind of way. The exotic sound of the language drew me even deeper into the song. Well done! Great song. Great performance. Very nice production value.


please keep me updated on music so I can listen to in the near future don't be afraid to stay creative and go to the next level. Have a wonderful day and I hope this man helpful is very unique the voice is very clear and clips continue stay on your grind and continue to be a blessing the other people have a wonderful day and God bless you in all your endeavors I listen to all genres of music.

Great rhythm

Hi Anibal I really enjoyed the rhythm of this song, your voice is also very pleasant to listen to. Lovely melody, the arrangement is well done. Good luck with your musical career. Appreciate Terry

Well done

This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. . Although I do not understand the words they seem yo fit in to the music effortlessly. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track I love the clarinet it is warm and rich.The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original.


I Like This Song bring an Old Fashion Cabaret / Latin Music.. Great to listen It in some Nice Up End Restaurant..not many Places Play Songs like that.. hey isa Great for a Slow Romantic Dance..or just look back on Life sipping Margarita..I do not know haw Music Publishers and Radio Stations will react but try to send It to Them for consideration who know what will happen..I .. I wish You good Luck with submissions..Good It and I'm sure Many People like It to..but the truth is Who Know for What Big People in Music Bizz looking for..

Tasteful and helpful advice

Anibal Raposo's recording of "Onde Cacar Versos (Where to Look for the Verses)" is vintage Raposo, smooth, elegant, and tasteful Iberian rhythms and chord progressions, a tight band of bass, drums, guitar, and would you believe (?) clarinet! It conjures up images of women dancing alone in the moonlight or around the guitarist in a club. The Portugese words are just one prepositional phrase after another, suggesting places to look for song lyrics. Very nice

sound of sunshine

Really enjoyed this track. very upbeat, full of sunshine and a happiness. The Spanish guitar sounds especially wonderful and very well played. a classy production through and through. great track.

belle musique

j'ai écouté votre musique et j'ai été touché par ces mélodies qui viennent de l'âme que vous interpréter avec beaucoup de sincérité, j'aime cette culture et m'y sent très proche, votre voix se mélange bien avec votre musique et aussi vos orchestrations très bien pensées. bien à vous

Beautiful from the first moment

Portuguese is one of the languages I do not speak, but this piece is for me is enchanting, wholesome, and rich with dynamics and elements which keep a music lover / listener interested and warmed by the track. It was actually his album artwork which attracted my attention this morning. I was pure delighted when I hit "play" So it seems like a modern sounding composition but also retaining a traditional flavour with it. The various percussion timbres at well-placed intervals enhance the song. The vocals are expressive without being sentimental; they are als strong without being overpowering. Now a small confession: I thought that this Review request was for that same track (which I recommended earlier, to earn "blincoins"!) but in fact, I believe it is a different song. It makes me feel like I'll need to check out a third track from this same artiste ... I think Aníbal has just won himself another music fan! Few and far between do Reviews for me come to that particular conclusion. I am indeed, still intrigued!

Onde caçar versos

Hello. Beautiful music. I like this clarinet. I think the guitar solo in the center is too much because it did not appear before. It would be much more interesting to have the solo with the clarinet. But that's my point of view.

Ah... La Salsa...

Ah... lets dance be'be' ! Mi amour! This is a very nice song and your voice is very smooth and sexy, a true Romeo, this one! I live the feel of this song and the guitar playing is very well done and enticing. You have a good mix here and a good song that keeps the listener engaged. There isn't anything I could critic about this song. This song is a piece of art just as it and any changes to it would take away from that art. Your production of this song is stellar from start to finish! Bravo! Bravo!


Waves caçar versos (where to look for the verses) is a very deep piece. probably linked some event of your life or some emotion translated into music. everything leaves us thinking of a ballad to an exquisitely gypsy piece and it takes little to imagine a video in which two dancers show off their artistic skills on this piece of music. I can only tell you good for this picture.
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