Aníbal Raposo / Mar de Capelo / Inverno (Winter)


I like the song it kind of reminds me of BB King the the thrill is gone the song sounds really good and very creative and unique in would like to hear the English version to hope this been helpful for you keep on making great music and never stop creating have a blessed day and a great weekend and God bless you in all your endeavors.

Great Jazz vibe

I loved the guitar work on this song and the guitar vibe. I couldn’t see the lyrics of the written Spanish lyrics so I can’t comment on the meaning of the words. Overall a cool jazz song , easy to listen to.


Really nice feel and tone to this, reminds me a little of Olli brown matt schofield type of vibe. Really nice sound and production too, trad blues number so not reinventing wheel but nice


Nice groove and feeling in this song! This song is done very well. All sounds and instruments are nice and clear. Mixing and mastering are done nicely. Even if song is quite a long it keep its tension and be an interesting one. I like guitar and how it is played. Don't believe this is even close to pop, more like blues but that is just better... This style is is something you like to hear live, and also song has this feeling like it is live show recorded song. This is a winter I like!

Winter feels like summer

Before anything else, I wanna say thank you for Inspiring me with your music! I will keep tracking you looking foward for more news! This music just flows with this warmful and classical Rhythm and blues, even subjected with "winter" name you feel it warm like "summer"!

Great production

Who ever produced this track did a great job. The mix is perfect. Nice instrument work too Guitar sounds nice. Bass isn’t buried in the mix and is doing some walking fills. Drums sound great Keyboards aren’t too loud. I hate it when they are too loud. Most piano players apparently can’t here themselves. :) Vocals are nice I kept waiting for them to climax maybe just the style of music blues. Keep up the good work

Muy bueno

Hola como va? Es muy interesante oír blues en Portugués. Me gusta mucho el sonido de la banda. Buena reverb tiene la canción. Muy lindos los solos de guitarra. Como una critica constructiva la hubiese hecho subir mas con el canto por ejemplo sobre el final. Felicitaciones y saludos.


impresionante super recomendable, agradable para los oídos!! Voz profunda y sentida. Buen equilibrio acústico. Anibal Rapaso graves profundos y sostenidos. BRILLANTE y esperamos nuevos temas

Ponta Delgada Anibal Raposo

Ponta Delgada is a rock blues song imediately reminding my ears of Carlos Santana with flourishes of Gary Moore. The musicianship is of a high standard, i like the singing in Portuges the song is round and a good listen from begining to end.


The singer has a unique voice. A very tight composition and a smooth song but with a certain rocky and gravelly feel that fits its genre. The musicianship is solid and the mix is top notch. Very nice!

It snowing in hell

A nice sound. A smooth yet rough blues style. I read the English version of the lyrics and they made little sense more like random thoughts in a bizarre poem. However I could clearly understand the guitar as it sings it's beautiful tones. Somehow I suspect a translation tool was used because the vocals sound coherent as if they tell a cohesive tale and not random ramblings. Wish I could understand the language but I don't. What I do hear sounds great

Got the bluesy feel, VERY clean mix, I don't know the language but I can hear the mix and it's excellent ;-)

The overall mix is VERY good. The drum has a few crazy timing issue that happen about 6 times (bass drum right before the snare when the playing is super close in timing) but the (drum mix) sound itself is very good and overall quite good. Guitars sound very clean, you have two of them and they work together. The bass is simple but solid in the pocket so that works just fine. The lead guitar is well timed and nicely melodic and true to the blues Genre, I would venture to say, VERY well played, nice vibratos and bends, reminded me a lot of David Gilmour but with a stronger blues feel. Well done guitar man. The vocals fit and are on key and have good feeling.
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