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Charm ....

Exudes this song ... rhythmic lyricism very nicely orchestrated under a submissive melody ... a combination that together with poetry seduces the listener ... a very nice recording that with its simplicity brings out all the musical instruments of the piece ... an air with latin elements that point to exotic parts ... a song that we are fond of and we are attracted to !!!

I Know a Poem

I love the song...and your voice is perfect for the mood. Love the guitars. As an engineer, I would spend more time accenting the string instruments, and, eliminate (or replace) the drum/percussion tracks. They detract from the other instrumentation and do not add that much as a meaningful musical component. Dropping or modifying the drum tracks...and accenting the clarity and volume of the guitars would give the song the emotional and musical balance it deserves. Well done, Anibal...

Folky and relaxing

The instrumentation is well layered with all the various instruments and some skillful playing. There are just enough words to tell the story but spaces to just enjoy the instrumentation. A lovely moody song

Excellent for Movie or TV show soundtrack!

Longer words work better to blend as a wide range if you don't have the range. Your category is Jazz as 10 out of 10. Ars Poetica is the name for a poem about poetry. You should make many ars poetica. I hear 3 to 4 songs or 7 songs in this one because I don't do much jazz. You demonstrate (I don't speak Portuguese) knowledge of the modes. Ionian, Dorian, Aeolian, Mixolydian, Lydian. I don't hear phrygian. If you can make the words go with the modes you can have, if you wrote it down, a very good score. In jazz-- 5 stars. Very distinct and original. I suggest the E chord, because it's dissonant, be a C# for acoustic to get another 5 stars.


This is nice Song I like The Melody but I think the Intro is to long and if You make an arrangement a more complex it will make It better.. if I be You I will make It shorter ( for commercial reason Radio Stations do not play more than 3.5 min long..and Music Publishers will not listen long Intro..You have max 10 sec to Impress Them so You must put All Your Best on The Beginning of Your song..if You not "catch Theirs Ear" most likely They will pass on The Song.. I wish You good Luck with submissions.. Good Job..

Flawless and tasteful, contemporary and a little abstruse

Anibal Raposo's recording of "Sei dum poema (I know a poem)" begins contemporary and discordant, with the bass out front in the mix. The lead guitar is playing a lovely Spanish-sounding melody, but it is back in the mix. This goes on for 12 bars (in 3/4 time), then resolves for 4 bars, then repeats. Finally, the baritone lead vocal appears, singing the words, which are evocative and creatively rhymed, but inscrutable. The ensemble includes drums played with brushes only, piano, bass, and lead guitar. This is fare for an artsy coffee shop. The execution is flawless, the poetry tends toward the abstruse. Eminently worth hearing.

'Sei dum poema (I know a poem)'

This song, 'Sei dum poema (I know a poem)' is a really nice piece of music, and I really liked this fun international sound. If you enjoy listing to music from other cultures, then you will enjoy this! Check out Aníbal Raposo and his unique yet traditional sound. Buffo

Beautiful piece of music

Hi Anibal, This is a beautiful piece of music, well done. There is a big market right now for Latin, Spanish and Portuguese music with television and film placements at the moment. Have you considered placing your song for these? If you are interested, I could help you out there as I am also a Music Publishing company (Hook Or By Crook Music) who specialises in TV and Film synchronisation. Let me know if you need help in this area. All the best, Colin Crook.

Thanks for sharing!

Make music to day is very hard to many singers and to many songwriters and it's not easy, sometimes I can't keep it out, This confusion in our World, no peace, just war, only fear. So music help to relax and release bad things . thanks for sheering your music with the world. Cheers! Ponxo D' Cannella.

Nice song!

This is a beautiful acoustic arrangement.... the intro needs to be a little shorter getting to the sincere vocals sooner and thus captivate the listener....the musicianship is superb and the message..... ah the message..... therein lies the magic!.... Definitely film and placement possibilities!

Sei dum poema

Hello Aníbal! This is a nice song. I don't understand the lyrics verry well but the sound is nice! It's acousticwith nice pieces of guitar and the guitar looks sometime like american style. Great job!

Me likely. Es bonito

I like your voice and the delivery of your song. I like the lyrics and the noticing of different types of poems. I am sure there is a deeper meaning to this songs lyrics that is not captured on the first listen. That of course, will entice me or any listener to listen again. I like the tune of this so mmn g and the transition into the minor notes. The guitar playing and mix were well executed. 5 stars for you, my man!

old and good wine.

Oh, it's so pleasant. Soft and caressing. It fills all the space. It reminds me of old and good wine. To get the words into Google and translate. It was a bit complicated. But the feeling here is above everything. It reminds me of longing for something and floods feelings of peace and peace. It's just a compliment ... It's just a matter of emotion that can keep you warm and bring hearts to the world. Thank you Yuval Sela




Great guitar layering with the piano. Sounds more Adult contemporary than rock. Cool title to, makes me wish I knew Portuguese. Can easily hear this at a restaurant or In a movie setIn the Mediterranean.
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