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sempre bravissimi

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Truth is substance

The melody and performance sounded believable. That’s one of the most important things for me when I listen to a new artist. So I was so glad when I found the lyrics in English. Nice twisting thoughts of belief beyond this world. Romantic song that is best heard under a full moon with a glass of merlo in one hand and a longtime love in the other.


I really appreciate and like your creative and unique style .. Your music is impressive thank you very much for allowing me to review and listen to your music. Continue to be unique and creative and never stop making great music and never stop sharing your gift with the world.Please keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Beautiful & Simple.

Well... • I like the naked simplicity. • I like the lyrics, though my old schoolspanish is more then rusty. • The guitarplaying is smooth & good. • Extra Plus for the shortness of the song. - I missed some harmonyvocals. - Some simple percussion like a shaker in the Chorus would had made a positive difference. But if the aim & goal was to make it as simple as possible, You truly succeeded! The songtitle and the last Word in the end was really Nice. Unusual & Serious. It gave the song a solid theme that I liked. In the age of shallow praise of drugs & reckless ”sleeping around”, I found this quite more listenable than the mainstream (& totally qualitymissing) popradio. That said, I must admit that I really didn’t get hooked on the music itself. Sad but true. Something was missing... Still, I gave it a •4•, just to encourage further and improved writing/performing/producing. Be Blessed! (y)

Anibal Raposo - Credo

Lovely acoustic melody. Lyrics are displayed in separate in English along with Anibal's native language which adds a nice touch to understand the song as Anibal sings it in non-English.

Play it twice.

It was very well done. Your performance was well done. Try to stick to a mode instead of switching chords. Then play with the tonic and different chords with the tonic in it. The modes are Ionian (major), dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, Aeolian (minor), Locrian. These are the scales you need. Ionian is major and Aeolian is Minor. You ended on lydian mode. It is best to use the songs as modes in parts-- it's like changing the chords but the arpeggios are usually the tonic. The Tonic is the note that resolves the tension in the modes. Lydian and locrian don't resolve on the tonic and tend to resolve on the Ionian and phrygian, respectively. Try tuning your guitar to an open chord. It will make you better at standard tuning. So, for the C major with no sharps and no flats: C= Ionian (major), D= Dorian, E= Phrygian, F= lydian, G= mixolydian, A= aeolian (minor), B= locrian. Just like there is always a major scale for the minor scale the modes exist in every major and minor scale. Basically, this is a classical song that sounds like Greensleeves in a way. Your performance was very good. To change the tension of the music (You have a good ear for it) and resolve it you must pick a tonic to end the tension and make the tension with the other notes and resolve it with the tonic. This is a good example for you to broaden your way of thinking about music. Yes-- chords are like modes but you can arpeggio modes as a way of not memorizing the complicated chord names. Remember, play more than one genre of music and the way to do that is the modes. You will be successful.


This is a nice song very calm and relaxing..what It need is a Good Arrangement and You must make It a little longer app. 3.5 min long..what You have now is a working "demo" so work on It and It will be a Good song..and when You will re record .. make sure is Radio Ready Quality Recording .Music Publishers and Radio Stations ONLY accepting Best work on It and when is Finish try to send out.. I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job

Clean and solid

From the opening note of the guitar to the closing "Amen," this tune is solid, and cleanly played and sung. The mood is haunting until about halfway through, when it switches from a minor to a major key. Mr. Raposo's baritone voice is pleasant, and the no-frills vocals fits perfectly with his profile picture. The song is sung in Portugese, so I don't understand any of the words (except the last one), but I don't need to, in order to enjoy it. This is solid mood music, and would fit nicely in any acoustic venue.


Hello Anibal. This song is for me the best one I listened from you. It's so natural. Without any midi sound, drums, orchestral arangement. I feel the sincerity. I don't know if this song is from you, it sounds traditional. The balance minor/major is very interesting. Really nice! Parabéns!

Nice guitar

This is a very interesting yet simple song. It was good enough for anyone who believes in all things good and well but terrible for those who keep their feet on the ground in reality. The lyrics are very poetic and well delivered in this delightful and yet delicate tune. The vocals and guitar were nicely done and well matched. Not a lot of range in this song , not a lot of emotion.

sad feel

Feels sad though I do not know the language . But the acoustic guitar is very well played with a very nice tone. The vocals are clear and distinct. I would like to hear a string section perhaps in the back ground.

your music is exciting

What music is exciting Every emotion can feel you out of the tone, I'm very attached to the Panlak and it's always exciting to hear from a different country, the music you create caressing and you can feel the story out of your voice tonight, send more songs are thankful thank you I was happy to meet and meet another artist Exciting success later Keep in touch Yuval Sela

belle musique et belle chanson

bonjour, j'aime bien votre musique et chanson, d'autant plus que je connais un peu le portugal c'est un pays magnifique authentique comme votre chanson,, guitare et voix reste toujours intime et beau bravo....


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Your song is full of dignity, you can tell a story about life and try to transfer your experience to the listener. For my part, I can tell you that I was kidnapped by the melody that lulled me, taught and communicated with simplicity what was right to know. the fact that you have closed the song with the word amen also means that your text is actually a prayer is an invocation to God perhaps to have a better world or perhaps to preserve what we have. thank you
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