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Review of Halloween in the Ward

This music is a a quirky feeling song. I can imagine my misfit friends will enjoy this music. It has an appeal to the right kind of people. I enjoy the sample in the songs to accompany the storytelling of the song. Well made Andrew Immanuel

Great work Andrew!!

So really nice song, well done.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ you got my support all the way. / Johan / TuneConcept

nice track

nice track you've got here, ive listening this song in the bus, I like the solo piano, i will play this and talk to my friend´s about it stay tune crystal

Eclectic is definitely a word....

Andrew Neil's "Halloween in the Ward" is a little difficult to nail down - well thought out piano hook, simplistic programmed drums, vocals that alternate between the lazy 80's rapper drawl (see Gangster's Paradise) and overdubbed conversations between ward patients makes for an odd mix. Overall, the song was enjoyable but could've used a little more variety with the instrument and actual vocal melodies.

Imagination a go go!

It's human nature when we first hear a song to try and figure out what it reminds us off. However with this track I struggled and that is a rare thing. Simply could not put it in a box, and I like that. The song drags you kicking and screaming into its world from the word go, and what a strange world it is too. Haunting piano riff, and a slight hip hop beat lead the listener to a dark, twisted and of course surreal place. Although the vocals can be slight, they are never the less affective. In fact you don't know if you should be scared or laughing. And it's that sense of tension that makes this track unique. The production is slightly lightweight. D.I. y feel but the track does not really suffer for that. If you were to beef up the production, perhaps some twisted horns or distorted guitar would take it even further down the rabbit hole. However that might steer too near say weird al terrority( oops there I go trying to find a box to put it in, come to think of it. Perhaps a touch of zappa there too .But to be honest I'm clutching at straws.). This track might not be everyones cup of tea, but if they don't want to come to the madhatters teaparty that's their loss. I for one really like this track.

Halloween in the ward

This song is funny, In the ward , are you in a hospital. Is this song about drugs. I'm not understanding. Andrew I don't know about this one. The piano line is cute, but I' not sure about the lyrics . Much Respect

cool intro

really cool song, I would recommend this song to anyone looking for something original. the intro is awesome, and the guitar part is really unique. The lyrics fit this song pretty well. Def will come back for another listen.


This is a very interesting track. It's very original...nice vocals too. I like the mixture of rap and folk here. This definitely different from anything Ive heard. Bu i like the origninality

Eerie sound

This song has a great eerie background that fits perfectly with the theme. I find the lyrics a bit repetitive and would like to know more of the story, but the ending is great, and Andrew's voice is wonderful.

Halloween in the Ward

From a creative point I enjoyed this songs expression,the sinister melody and lyrics combined deliver the message intended with a scary feeling at Halloween. I thought the quality of the recording was much better than previous works. Artistically , I thought this song conveyed the artists message quite well. I am sure that there was alot of fun during the recording of this tune. Evoking your message melodically , lyrically and intentionally to a celebrated day speaks volumes to your level of skill , as an artist. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your song.

Halloween a good title

Like the rap intro the guitar strings compliment the vocals/ this has very thoughtful lyrics and one needs a second listen to catch the full meaning of the content / bless

ghosts wearing lab coat

Nice minimal song. Like the piano riff throughout the tune. Holloween in the ward is a scary concept. do you wear a costume? Are you already wearing a costume of sorts? Are the doctors wearing lab coats or are they ghosts?

"Halloween in the Ward" Review

This is a very simple song. I think it could be a cool song but it needs a lot of work. I don't like how the vocals and the piano part have the same melody. Real drums or at least electric drums that sound better would be nice. The song needs more energy. I think if the drums should have more of a funky feel. The vocals are ok but I really don't like it when the rapping part comes in. It doesn't fit the beat of the song at all. This song is a nice idea but I think it needs a lot of work.

Heart to art

If your edging toward dark, mysterious and funny (or maybe somethings in the water!) great. I listened a few times for clarity and like the whispering taunt, unfortunately the rap bit could have a bit more presence and made into an B section or a bridge with a different melody line. Lastly, pump up the dynamics in the music (add additional vocals) it'll go far and help create movement, removing a mono feel. I wasn't too hard, was I? Keep it up, truly practice doe's make perfect. We're all on a journey (musically), perfect your art as you see it in your heart. Best. Oz


Andrew, Nice tune! Not only is it in time for the holiday season with Halloween right around the corner, but it is nice to hear a "unique" sound that isn't built around the pillars of songwriters nowadays. Song has very good character and could definitely see it fitting into something along the lines of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. The only problem I foresee in the future is for may only have limited opportunities to submit to. Other than that, very neat tune!
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