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Conscious Consideration

Love the catch! The song has a message that's needed. Try your vocal in a higher range and look at flow of your words with the rhythm. It's promising.

Minimal and Origional

Quite minimal track, that starts off Spacey, and moves to a more laid Back Rap feel, Competent enough musicianship for the style, while the vocalist struggles with Pitch, it fits the sound well, Lyrics are Thoughtful, a fair example of the genre blend,

fellow artist

its a very relaxed song..i think if dont mind me saying..put more bass in it..pound your fans ears out..but its great..check me out on youtube search lucky waddell

One love One Globe

I love your message, the music makes me want to dance, the lyrics are very good. I like your voice, but your song needs you to really get into the soul of the song. Its a hit I think on the Reggae market. Please keep do'in what you do. We need more songs of peace and love. Much Respect to you Andrew. Keep it coming.

Good work

hey this sounds good. I like the arrangement. I'd suggest if you can have the mix done again. But good song so far. Again adding up more backup singers will add some variety to it.

one love one globe rating

This song has a generic sounding beat but the lyrics are very deep. Any song that has a positive projection always gets a good review by me and I also give props to anyone who does music that is different the what is the usual. One love! -R.dacity-

Nice alternative song !

Very awesome style ! I like the music. It has so much own style which nobody else has. The music comes really well together. The vocals are a little bit too loud . If they are a little bit more compressed they would fit in better. Great spoken word in the song. You might want to mix the bass to fit better in the mix so it will stand out more. Overall I think it is a good song.

great song

nice song, keep the good work, Thank you, you can listen to more of our songs here - , you can also buy all our records for 1.99 on amazon, really cheap - This is our other band with songs in Portuguese - Best regards from Portugal - Miguel Ângelo (human cycle)

One love one globe

I like this artists music. Andrews vocal are sound and the tracks of this song are solid. I believe his music is headed in the right direction and I can hear a bigger sound tryin to break out of this track. A pleasure to listen to!!!! I wish him all the best in his music!!...hughieQ

Nice melody and good ideas, recording is reason for low rating

Song as it was presented for me did not come across as a finished product but more of a beginning demo . Seems recording wise things were missed or just left on the drawing board. Vocals were far in the background mix and hard at times to understand except where it was the repeated hook . It sounded at times more rap than Alternative Reggae as was indicated. I think Andrew just needs to bounce things off a fellow musician or producer to turn his good ideas into a gem. He is not far off by all means just missed for me by using rap with the melody and calling it Alternative Reggae. Maybe it does meet those genres to some but I did not see it. I would change genre and call it Rap w Hip Hop with a tad of reggae influence. Very hard to write lyrics or ideas but to use global ideas done many times just does not come across as unique , it comes across as preachy to me in a minor sense yes but preachy none the less. Those days are gone for me after we lost Marley. I would also make sure when recording to make sure all is clearly presented and sound quality stands out no matter where it is played. That is an issue for all us recordists out here to get sounds that are good no matter what it is played on. Andrew you have a talent just define better what you are doing and make sure your recording final product your vocals are out front and clear. The Music was redundant and that can be a plus but when we struggle to hear the vocals clearly the music gets in the way and when redundant that part then stands out. All a matter of taking your time and fine tuning. If you used a pro studio than I would consider something different to dial you in better. If your own recording I would recommend you tube videos to help you learn that crafts final stages more. Just because you get a good recording take the final product is a whole different matter.. I hope this helps. Do not be discouraged this is just to help you get a better sound and get you in correct genre for your songs. we have missed recordings too. It is a learning process and since you indicated you are new to this all a bit of knowledge can go a long way. Not just about whether someone has talent or not, that is subjective , it is also the recorded product put out there and that is where you need some work as well as the better defined genre you fit into .

Interesting song

I like this because it is happy and upbeat. I personally think that the vocals during the verses should not always go in sync with the keyboard. The rap worked well on the second verse. The only other thing I could tell it needs is better vocal recording. It sounds like you used the computer mic to record it and the quality of the whole song would sound really bad ass with a quality vocal recording and maybe a little bit of FX on them. Peace!


Great song with a great message, great melody and a great flow, keep the fire burning, you've on the right direction bro. I did really enjoy your music will be back again some other time.

Keep up the good work!

Love this song! it can definitely go places, it sounds like a live recording and people can appreciate that...keep up the good work!Up up wayyyy up!!!

Its pretty cool

This song had a unique feel to it, definately worth a listen! I recommend this to any fan of reggae and original rock. The drums have a mellow feel to it, all in all a very mellow groove.

One Love One Globe

Wooow Really good man i like the music.You've got you a fan.This is a definite hit hands down.Its great really dope no coke.Haha i am currently singing along to the chorus.Am repeating it over & over.
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