Amen Alibi / Addicted / Go Some More (full album version)


Its ok, Im not really into this type of music. It sound like it could be a sound track at the end of a movie or something.


lol you make this world a better place!!! keep it up!!!

Ok Now

Now this track went in deffinatly I like it big fan of Acoustic Guitars lol you get a 5 on this one

Go Some More

Very retro" I like the fun circus feeling of the tune.

Review of go some more

Love it great acoustic sound, a good mix really liked it keep up the good work.

Review of Go Some More

Great motivational feel, like the music you would find on Rocky. Keep up the good work!


nice work

Yeah man!

Wow!! I could have sworn I was back in time back to the 70. When music was very experimental. some Jethro tall. very nice. I like it. keep up the good work



Review of "Go Some More" by WC



Keep it up

Go Some More

"Go Some More" has a interesting mix of country and rock that makes the song sound like an anthem that could be easily heard in the soundtrack for a movie. Although the dubbing of the lead vocals fit the track so well the reverb on vocals causes the clarity to be lost just a little.. With an awesome drum line "Go Some More" captures the scene that it is intended to depict and truly paints a picture.
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