Serious Fun.

"Wicklow" is a fun song,in style. It feels kind of like a commercial upbeat show tune. The lyric is solid,yet sung in a,somewhat,light-hearted melody. A good contrasts... Also,this track is mixed well. Serious Fun.

Cool, reminds me of the bands that throw a bit of humour in the mix.

Well.......Fun to listen to, interesting lyrics...."Take the baby from the nipple"........What else do yo need? They seem to have a serious undertone in there too so you need to listen mabey a few times to get the drift of what they are trying to get across to us.

Bawdy, delightful & fun !

What a fun musical event. You feel like your at a party. Can't be sad listening to this song. It would be great video, for a movie or commercial. Beatles like very catchy, dancy, happy! Production is fantastic, vocals and music compilation phenomenal:)Thanks for sharing love it! Tivoli = i lov it! RIO

Ambitious sing along

Catchy hook sung with appropriate reverence to this genre....some well thought out orchestration with brass to the fore. Not much to fault here guys because by the end of the five minute track one is still happy to continue the sing along-bravo.


Hey guys I could see this happening in a local bar on a stormy night. It's not my style at all, but I do appreciate the horn arrangements. I was born on Wicklow Road so I was curious to hear the song. I especially like the sax and trumpet. I could see Phish playing this song at one of their weekend getaways. Your voice kinda reminds me of Trey. Good luck to you :-)


Hi, Thanks for sending me the link to review your song Wicklow. Get a lot of requests and only as am Irish myself I thought, ok lets see what this is all about. Wicklow or Rio hmmmm no comparison. Rio all the time. Like the brass section, really makes the song come alive. First sonf of yours Ive listened to and really enjoyed it. Good song, production, has a bit of a hook, like the brass section, just the one line of lyric and its a nearly top marks from me. Feel free to send me any other links you might have for songs to review it will be my pleasure. Slainte.

Fun rock & roll!

Raleigh, North Carolina’s AirCrash Detectives have produced a fun rock & roll track entitled Wicklow. The horn interjections are great and this band would be a fun hang live. Best of luck!

Wicklow review

I felt it as a song like fusion of rock and jazz melody is easy to listen with catchy. sachs is making aneffective production. my favorite type of song.i think that it became more impressive with a little ingenuity thank you good song


The lyrics in this are awesome! DIfferent, original, real. I love the trumpet in this, it makes it sound great! I love this. It sounds like something I'd hear on the radio. Keep it up guys! You made a fan out of this guy! My only y constructive criticism would be, to not stop doing whatever it is that made this song! It'll take you somewhere!


the initial guitar tour is pure blues and I really enjoyed it. the bass comes impeccably and also the accompaniment of the guitar is very nice as well as the appearances of the saxophone and the other wind instrument (trumpet?). the piece cradles you for the duration and does not force you to make any noise to listen to it makes you drink like a glass of fresh water on a hot day. I had a lot of fun.

Good bar song

I wasn't expecting that at all, it's a really good song, perfect fit for a drinking night at your local bar. Orchestral, lots of brass, and a hooking refrain that want to make you leave your troubles behind. Good job guys!

New Orleans pop style

What a good surprise ! I saw myself at the New Orleans Latin Quarter, strolling through these typical streets full of bars and great music. This trumpet invades you and transports you over there. Then a nice sax comes to join the game. The song itself is obsessive and memorable. Big crush !
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