AirCrash Detectives / Walking The Plank / The Last Spaceship To Heaven


I was intrigued by your band name and the song title: twice very original and appealing curiousity. I was not disappointed by listening. I really like the guitar sound and the melody in the vocals. Everything fits the theme. This must be a singalong song on live performances: spaceship to heaven...

The Last Spaceship to Heaven / Aircrash Detectivesip

Yea Good Rock! You got me from the beginning of the track. It is completly brilliant. I really love it . Everything about this is great, the Lyrics are awesome and the arrangment also.The vocals are completly right for the song. It made me dance and I had to turn it up full. The artWork on "Walking the plank is cool. Keep it up. I will be looking for more of your music. All the best. Helen Pallis.


This is a very nice and creative song very unique style the song really Rocks well written and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would like to hear more of your music and never stop creating and have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.


Your music is deffenentlly one of a kind and in its own lane. So having saying that keep up the excellent work . dont ever give up on your craft . feel to send me more of your catalog to reveiw. ,,DJLpeezy


I can tell that you guys have a lot of history because you play so well together. I thought the piece really displayed your talents both creatively and in terms of execution. I agree that your work is exceptional. I loved song idea and the excited way in which you perform it. I'm sure it creates a rush in the average listener; I know it did me. You guys should have worldwide name recognition. I think you simply need to continue applying yourself and it will definitely happen for you. Great, professional sound. Keep it coming.

interesting song

This song reminds me of 80s rock. Kinda puts you in the mind of Billy Idol. Not a bad song. Different but good. Good clear music and lyrics. Not sure where they were going with the lyrics but its fun to listen to. Singer has a good sound and the music is played well. Keep working on your craft and be all thst you can possibly be. Doing a great job.

One of the most interesting things I've heard yet on N1M

I'm not even sure what I can compare it to. Maybe the Ramones? All the same, the uniqueness of this piece is most compelling. The intro had me wondering where it was going to go and the surprise of the intensity just drove it home. Conceptionally interesting and engaging. Love it!
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