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Black is beautiful

The song reminds me of my early days in England and how cruel kids can be. The music has a calypso vibe about it. Yes I would play this song again because of it conscious lyrics and positive vibes.

Acoustic driven and humanistic perspective of writing

I really enjoyed the acoustic driven instrumentation for the acoustic guitars, percussion drums, and the male to female vocal singing. The humanistic perspective approach with a positive human message is very respectable to express in today's age. There needs to be more of singer/songwriters following in the lead of Aesculap Company. I'm not quite sure if the 'black' is symbolizing of something I am missing, as I don't think it is necessarily literally about the color of skin. Well done!!

Aesculap Company Here is My Review!

My review first of all I would like to say I like this song as well the lyrics are nice and plain most of all this song sends a message its nice something to listen to outside of the norm such as singing about my 24 inch wheels bashing our lovely ladies of the world plain and simple cool song I look forward to hearing more songs from you keep up the good work from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG.


The beat is great for the mood and also it is very inspiring especially in this day and age, equality is still isn't stressed enough for people to follow suit. I like the speed of the song you'll just need to put more emphasis on what you are trying to what you're trying to explain.

very good

Very good song and the purpose is wonderful. Love this genre and the lyrics gets into the mind. Like the flow and the compose. Very wellmade and effort into the soundscape. Love the flow and I can listen again!


I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me they will also like it and i just shared it on my Tumblr . How do i buy your album on iTunes i been searching but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here im eager to hear more. thanks Do u have a YouTube page with videos for ur new fan can check out. Im really into all types of music

So is the song

A nice little song that is more than just ear candy. During the 40s or 50s this song would have been shocking and unheard of. In the sixties it would have been a hit. Times have changed and although prejudice still hurts many it's not the issue it was. Many areas are as mixed as can be and social class is the new issue. Good melody good sound and great message anyway

Misses the mark for me

The recording is not well recorded or mixed to allow a good contrast of all the ingredients through to the listener. The song's ideas are solid but delivery is shaky with the two main vocalist's delivery lacking and at time falling of the notes. Some of the word's just don't flow harmonically enough for me. A good critical relook could work this song into much better shape. The general thrust, melody whilst not incredibly original, certainly is not terrible and fits its genre its aimed and I fine it an acceptable song. I mainly want to be positive rather than critical, god knows I know how hard it is to get it right, but I'm thinking this is more of a demo production which provides great insight as to the potential of the song. Maybe a slightly quicker tempo may also benefit song. The various instrumentation a good selection for the style. Guitar licks quite ok but the actual sound lacking good engineering and eq. Drum sound needs work. The deep backing vocals a distraction needed to be better edited to ensure starts and stop's more co-ordinated unless there's musically a reason to have a variation. Overall track has potential and one that I find OK to listen to and I overall liked it as a song. Read back over word's, better recording and overall a sharper slightly quicker tempo I think song would present 50% better.

Review of Black is Beautiful

A nicely written song and produce in a nice almost retro or Buffett like folk arrangement. It flows easily and has a nice melody, and I like the way the chorus builds and the different aspects to it, call it as you may the "climb"or the "pre-chorus". I think that is very catchy and structured very well, especially considering that the rest of the song kind of flows along, so it is a perfect diversion to the verses. I really like the use of simple fundamental lyrics written as a storytelling experience which suits the feel of the music period I feel that this is definitely a perfect song for teaching our young people not to discriminate, and not in a bitter preaching kind of way which people, not just the young, would be more open to, rather than hard type of song that kind of screams in your face. Because this is a sensitive subject, I think the way this has been arranged, produced, and performed in this pleasant easy-going format, is a really nice approach to this subject. Musically, very good instrumentation, really like the guitar sound, and production and though I think the vocals could be a blended together a little bit more at times or maybe the use of a different effect on "Oh Lord", for instance, something to make it a little bit more subtle or mixed back a bit, would be a little bit of a help but this is a minor thing. I really enjoyed it and I wish you the best of luck with it. Sincerely, Sharon d.

We are all alike

Great important topic, presented by nice people, it seems like, ( Perhaps this is a group of friends that occasionally gathers to play music together ). The music is performed well and with empathy. A simple arrangement makes the message easily understandable, in a live atmosphere.


Love the track feeling is like a hot Sunday morning jamming to the beat arrangements are good vocals are good great listening played a few times more and more importantly like it vibration is good sound excellent

The Kinks sound like these guys!!

The Kinks sound like these guys!! easy and remembering melody. I like it when you can understand the lyrics I guess I am from the old school. Then again I write songs with a story and melodies.

Black is beautiful but this song isn't

I appreciate what you were tying to do here but I believe any black person listening to this would be offended. In your effort to make the world a better place it sounded more like you were trying to convince black people that they are normal just like everyone else. At first I thought maybe this was a comedy song? That you couldn't really be serious but then realized you were. The only thing I can say nice about this song is it had a nice reggae Island sound. Once again I believe your heart is in the right place and I do appreciate that you are teaching your children not to be bigots but the content of this song is a very touchy subject that in my opinion my have done more damage than good~


Hello I really like your music I listen to all types of music daily Gospel RB jazz classic rock Christian rock music is so universal.God bless you in all your endeavors keep on making great music.

Nice song

Thisnis a good song with great simple lyrics. Sounds like a movie soundtrack. I passed a good moment to discover your world :) you can listen to my music too if you want. Just tape on google my name : camil kanouni
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