A melodic refrain elevates into upper spheres...

Nice melodic refrain, which lifts this song including it's songwriting into upper spheres. Due to a rock song I'm missing a more powerful production. If you could spend more effort in polishing your sounds, mixing and performance, I can see a big potential in this track packed full of good ideas. But first you have to focus on more tightness, and the rest will come soon... I expect a big song writer loaded with many good productions here!

Rock's file

This here is a very convincing example of being totally into rock. I was immensely pleased to note that so many creative artists turn their head toward root music of 60s and 70s which is totally to the point, seeing that these days you are free to go in any direction, because nearly anything up to this days had been more or less tried and explored. It's good to know there are songwriters who cherish the very notion of rock'n'roll.

Zicke zacke Zicke zacke Hoi Hoi Hoi

One Side Negative has sent me a request to review the song "Fake". "One Side Negative" writes, There it is. My last one. Tell me what you think, help me improve myself. I'm asking myself, is this really the last one? Why stop now, when your on a roll. If only we could get companies like General Mills, PepsiCo, etc. to stop adding all those useless ingredients, we could get a great product like "Fake". "One Side Negative" is a polished music making machine that claims he is just a "normal guy from somewhere near Munich, Bavaria, playing what I want" and I believe him!

Review of " One Side Negative's" - FAKE

I know I didn't score this as high as I had liked to, but I found the beginning to about the 3:45 mark the mix was really "off" - I had a hard time trying to understand (hear) the lyrics. The piano (or synth) was a nice touch to this song, but I feel it should have been used more "ambivalently" , as the guitarist and band do a great job at the halfway point of the song-making the piano almost a needless addition other than chord hits. Possibly a better mix would help the song a little as the vocals need some more "punch", to move the song along and deliver the message your putting out. Respectfully Dave/CHRONIC PAIN

Like !

very nice song, I recommend everyone to listen, I think it's worth playing all night, because I would do it and recommend to everyone try it too , you will be pleasantly surprised just like me listening to this song all night long


...the pitch of the song is off...because it can be said that it is fatal...i can understand the musicality i want but overall i think the skill up is necessary Good music so please do your best thank you


I'm not sure what it is..any how it is just my opinion but but really be a good idea just write melody down and ask people to arrange it and yes found a good singer..d I got the feeling that They will and re record it.. as it is now sound not so good .. well send it to Radio Stations agree with me..( if They will listen ).. I do not recommend It to Music Publishers because ..if They do not like ..than You will never get a permission to send any song again.. Yes They are looking for songs but They Have to be Radio Ready Quality.. I wish You good luck with pitching..


Is Fake a fake or is a game successful? frankly I did not understand if you really want a judgment on your piece or I do not know what. I have no intention of offending you but your piece is worth zero, it is badly recorded, you can not distinguish the instruments, you do not understand anything at all. but did you listen to it well before registering and publishing it? if you want a serious review you have to present a serious piece, well recorded and above all musically acceptable


So I listened, and I didn't get it. Strange, so I listened again. I don't know what to say. Except I listened for a third time. At this point I laughed to myself because you got me hooked on the song. Thanks. Magic

Cavalier Review

Cavalier Review  Cavalier Review  We liked this song, its always nice to hear this type of song. How was this recorded was it a live take or studio. When we hear this song it reminds us of our tour of Asia. Taking in countries like Thailand, Cambodia,Laos and China.

Some good ideas..

With that being said, if it were my song I would go back and re-evaluate the parts that made sense then simplify them to make it all work. The timing in the vocals are off as well. I think there maybe too much going on and it’s a little confusing as well. Like I said there are some good parts but I would go back and fine tune the good parts and eliminate the parts that don’t make sense. Just a little corrective criticism my friend but like I said this song could have some good potential. Check your intonation on the vocals and whistling too- they may be a little flat, pitch wise. When fixed, this could be a real catchy tune. Good luck my friend!!

Fake It Till You Make It

The music here is interesting... But when the vocals come in - they're really rough - and not necessarily in a good way. The music production on its own, I get. The singing - just really is a distraction. Perhaps the style or genre you're attempting to achieve. If so, you've done a brilliant job! If not, the blending and over singing does not help your song stand out as a song. Going for punk may be exactly what you want!

hi !

I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!! I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

good try

interesting idea, but some things need to be improved from my point of view. Correct singing by pitching notes correctly would be a good start. Drums too low in level comparing to other instruments. Guitar part little bit out of groove. Also guitar solo need to be rhythmicaly corrected. Sorry for a long list of claims, but may be it will help you to make another look on what you be doing. Good luck!


I like different. Thing's are really just beginning to get better these days Because different makes a difference . Sang have to say just a couple more famous than before words. Well past 150. Lol Lol
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