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Ella Wee by A.D.8 Keyz Review

This track is nice. Nice unique trap beat and sound, Good lyrics. Beat tempo, vocals and transitions remained in sync and on point throughout the track. Nothing negative to add. Sounds professional. Good work. With a little promotion this track has the potential for moving up the charts. Looking forward for more from the group.

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Smooth and Mellow! Got that west coast vibe type of flow that reminds of rappers like Nate Dogg and Warren G!! That summertime riding music, roll one up and bend a few blocks while vibing to this one. Instrumental on point with a tempo slow enough to lay you back and keep your head bobbing from start to finish! Lyrics that leave you wanting to hear more from this artist! My overall take on the entire song? LOVE IT! Great work on the production of this track! As a first time listener of this artist's music, I give this song Ella Wee a 2 Thumbs Up and a I'd give this track 10 stars if I could! Bout to follow you on here right now CROOKEDollar and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you! Your music is original and unique and this world needs more original artists like you who stick true to themselves and their own style, wishing you and your group continued success in your future endeavors in the music industry!

Very great song

Good song, very different from wats out now. Keep up your work and keep pushing. Listen, there's gonna be people that love you and people that hate you. Don't let that stop you and take away your shine. I don't listen to radio because they ain't saying nothing or giving life to the music so people can identify with real life. I'm feeling this song and your pain through the struggle of it. Hopefully we can link up and do some compolations together. Check me out Caput Rukahs


Dope i know how hard it is in the music game but if you keep pushing you gone make it just gotta keep going love the style you have a unique sound hope to hear more from you in the near future

Crooked Dollar

I love the title of your group. That right there deserves 5 stars. My name is Splitendz the Profit here in Los Angeles Ca and I'm apart of BugleBlack Music Group. The essence of music out here is Jazz music. Ofcourse I decided to rap insanely well over my uncle BugleBlacks beats and production, so now I hold #4 in ranks constantly for Los Angeles Hip Hop. We call it JazzHop due to our family history of music. Great work though

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This is really fire

I really like this artist they have really great talent and i love they're Flow and they're very talented i love they're music I'm also a musician myself so I really love to do music to i love this genre and I love to discover new music I always really enjoy listening to new music all artist and they're music tells a really great story I really like this artist keep up the good work never give up keep on grinding

Nice work

Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.


This is a great record flows made my head nod (no easy feat) your cadence is on point so the monotone style fits with the rhythm. Overall the sng has a soundtrack feel and is definitely ride music excellent production 3.5????


Hello CrookedDollar how are you today? We just wanted to come drop off a quick review for you then allow you to get on with your day as we will. First thing first the instrumental was great, the song is a good song but you sound as if your bored or don’t wanna record. No matter the tempo of the song energy should always be given. You have to sound awake and as if you want people to feel you and vibe. This track needs life to bring it out more.
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