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New appreciation for Victoria's Secret

From the start, this is an excellent song! I love the beat, especially that sample in the beat. The first verse perfectly set the song up, and continued to flow all the way through the end. The chorus, I mean the chorus....Perfect! What else can I say, it reminded me of Neo but not really, it was just that level of greatness lol. I also liked those adlibs or background vocals on the chorus. Verse 2, well I'll just say the same thing I said about verse 1. Flowed perfectly. Great song!

Keep up the good work

I really appreciate what you doing and it’s a good look keep up what you doing and stay focused I know how difficult it is and I know how hard it is but if you stay on your current path only thing I can promise is that the hard work will pay off and you’ll achieve your goals and the competition will have no chose but to acknowledge your product and respect your work ethic keep up the hustle and grind

Victoria's Secret

Nice record, the Production is good, track is dope, the rap and the singing goes together, and the title is dope Victoria Secret sometime title of a song can win before you even list to it, but there only one thing i can say try to stay in the 3:30 mark of song for the radio and not make a song to long because some will not play it


Nice flow and that beat is a banger!!! Where can I go to download and share all your music? What is your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? Can I find you music on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora? Keep doing your thing!!

Dope record !

Has alot of growing potential, production was on point lyrics are accommodating the song well , stayed on topic and delivered a overall great hit , i would actually play this in my ration i can hear this nationwide

I like the vibes

I definitely felt the club energy with this song me and my roommates listen and review alot of peoples music on this site we enjoy all the hard work everybody puts in once my recommend and earn time comes back ill be sure to share your music on my social media outlets keep up the good work and goodluck with getting shows this song can definitely be a club banger thanks for letting me review!

Late Night City Life Vibe!

The music of deep thoughts entwined with the mind, body & soul...We need more of this kind of melodic music on the radio, I like the string arrangement.... The vocals got cool warmth, the beat got that double slap.....This go 4SHO!


yo I'm feeling this bro I love the melodies and the production, the story line is captivating and I can relate 100%. I definitely would like to hear more songs from you and the dialog you trying to present no doubt

Blastin'...Ohio Style

Yo 4SHO...I am always apprehensive when I start reviewing a Rap lift-off. Many are REAL predictable ! However, I gotta let you know that this flight did not let me down. The vocal tracks/rap lyrics are refreshing... the instrumental tracks and especially the bass line are sizzling ! Bravo!...Bro' 4 SHO

Professional Grade

Love the track and arrangement sounds are professional a definite Hit... the content is on the right track you guys did an amazing job here. Took too long to start for me I thought we would start up and roll on with the track nevertheless its Hot and on Point ... Great Job

4SHO My Brother

Here is my review by the way I am from ohio as well its nice to know another artist from this area as far as your song I really like the lyrics you speak about something real as for that good job however I would have like to have heard a little bit more as far as the production end of things other then that great job. We are in music area where a lot of people are looking for beat in a song then lyrics I like to listen to lyrics and then a beat this being said one must spend a little more time in the production of any song or rap great job I am looking forward to hearing more from you always follow your dreams there is always room for a great song or rap I hope what I said will be of some help to you from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG.

Victoria’s Secret Ft. Authentik

Uma grande produção para uma música bastante alegre, com um ritmo contagiante que nos impele à dança. Acho que é realmente uma música que deve estar no top da música Pop da number one music. Também gostei muito de outro tema disponível . Penso que está no bom caminho, e que em termos de produção musical está realmente muito bem feito e tenho de lhe tirar o chapéu e dar as congratulações por isso. Fico à espera de novos temas, com a mesma qualidade. Votos de grande sucesso!!! JB

Industry Ready...

After listening to numerous rap and r&b songs, just trying to find one to give a positive review on, I finally stumbled upon "Victoria's Secret" by 4SHO, featuring Authentik. A total 180 degrees from the garbage I been hearing, it was cool to listen to a laid back rap song infused with a little r&b for a change. Even the lyrics held its own with content that actually stuck to the subject matter. If you can go back that far, the overall feel of the track is reminiscent of some of the better times in hip hop, but without sounding dated. Admittedly though, while it is not nearly as gritty as what I normally keep in MY personal collection, I would still bump this and can see many people doing just that and listening to this song on the regular too. I can definitely respect it.

Nice Production

Nice track and nice mix. It sounds like a good club track. R&B mixed with Hip Hop berry rare. Keep up the good work. Do you have music on iTunes I want to go buy the track. Good stuff again. I loved it!


Great song never give up I got the feeling that something good is coming I know being a artist is not easy but I recommend you to stay on music and do what god gave you cos music is gift from God so be your self and keep doing your thing one day you gonna became a greatest artist ever!!!!!! So many people are waiting for your good music and I also want to see you on my TV screen and billboard so do me a favour don't stop doing your music and god bless you and bless your music
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