Hello everyone,

I've had some really hard times this past year and I would like to apologize for
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Hi everybody! It's been a long time since i have posted here. We're working hard on new stuff, but
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What's up everybody? New music coming soon! Stay tuned! I've been so busy I haven't posted any music
Hey! Great to meet you, and thanks a million for listening to my songs, which there will be plenty m
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What's happening?

I've been neglecting music lately (due to personal stuff) and am now back to f
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for your support & signing up to our mailing list on
I get lots of emails from you the fans which I'm so grateful for everyday!
But I have on small miss
been working a lot of new songs...I've attached one called "stump douber"
hope you like they way my
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"Get Up" (Deep Zone Remix)

Stefan Ilchev

Solitude With Jesus

Darryn Zewalk

Katkeran naisen tango


Chromatic Tuna

Elmo Karjalainen

01 Bend 0va

Constant Flow

You've Gotta be Born Again

Born Again QT


Elmo Karjalainen

turn to nothing

wake of time

She can get it

Michael Macri


Celine Pence

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